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Friday Night Funkin By Ninja Muffin (April) Read Here!

Friday Night Funkin By Ninja Muffin (April) Read Here! >> If you are here to look for a free and exciting game, then this article is a must-read for you.

Have you come across any popular rhythmic game that is available online and open source? You would be surprised to know that this game is something that you would love to explore as a gamer.  

This Friday Night Funkin by Ninja Muffin is an excellent reminder of the different flash games which were popular during the 20s. This game was released on the 1st of November 2020 and is a single-player game. It is widely popular in different parts of the country, including the United States.

The game comes with multiple levels, which are termed “weeks.” As you gradually move down this article, you will get more information about this game in detail.

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What is Friday Night Funkin by Ninja Muffin?

This is a multilevel game wherein each player gets a chance to face various opponents. The opponents tend to sing certain songs while the story mode of the game is active. There comes a tab at the most bottom part which reflects the performance of the player. Hand-eye coordination plays a vital role while playing this game.

This interactive game is designed by four Newgrounds users and can be found on the Ninja Muffin link page. ninjamuffin99 is the programmer of the FNF. He was the one who came up with the game’s idea and concept.

This game has been highly popular in the past few weeks and has good reviews on reviewing forums, which adds to its popularity score.

What’s the Storyline for the Game?

The Friday Night Funkin by Ninja Muffin games is based on characters wherein the players are named as “Girlfriend” and “Boyfriend.” The aim of the game is that the players must complete as many levels as possible and move on to other advanced levels. 

We can expect some exciting levels to come shortly in the other weeks or levels of this game. There is indeed some lack in the story’s plot, which can make it quite disinteresting at times, but it is ideal for the players who played in their 20s.

What is the Week-level Characters in the Game?

In the Friday Night Funkin by Ninja Muffin game, the plot is divided into seven weeks as below:

  • Week 1 – Titled as the “Daddy Dearest” 
  • Week 2 – Titled as the “Spooky Month.”
  • Week 3 – Titled as the “Pico.”
  • Week 4 – Titled as the “Mommy Must Murder.”
  • Week 5 – Titled as the “Red Snow.”
  • Week 6 – Titled as the “Hating Simulator feat. Moawling”.
  • Week 7 – Titled as the “Tankman.”

Final Verdict

Talking about Friday Night Funkin by Ninja Muffin game, it is overall fun and sound-tracked game with different levels to cover. However, mixed reviews about this game state that it could have been more fun if the plot was a little better than the current one.

Have you come across any such free online games? If yes, let us know what you think about this game and how it can be improved in terms of the story plot in the comments section.

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