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Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021 {Aug} Know More Here!

Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021 {Aug} Know More Here! >> The article is about a cyber-event that explains the involvement of the Chinese in the 2020 American Presidential election.

Are you someone looking to understand more about the international events based on cybersecurity and cyber safety? Then you must have heard about the famous Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021, which is based on a cyber hacking claim involving the US Presidential election 2020.

People having an interest in politics and cyber activities from the United States and Canada, were very keen on knowing more about what happened during the highly anticipated cyber-Symposium held by Mike Lindell, which is connected to the famous political event in the USA.

About the Cyber symposium

It is a type of cyber-Symposium conducted by Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, to show Chinese involvement that defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 US election. Lindell was also Trump’s chairman for the reelection campaign for Minnesota.

Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021

  • The event date was planned for 10th August 2020 by Mike Lindell.
  • The main motto of the Symposium was to expose the conspiracy theory involved in the US presidential election.
  • The event included continuous 72 hours of streaming from Mike Lindell’s website FrankSpeech.com.
  • Lindell promised to show the evidence of the Chinese involvement in hacking the election that led to the defeat of Trump.
  • He claimed that the whole technology used was hacked.
  • He also challenged if anyone proves that his claims are wrong will be rewarded with $ 5 million.

More About the Symposium

  • Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021 is planned for three successive days starting from 10th August 2021 to 12th August 2021.
  • As an introduction, Mike Lindell displayed a part of the video from the presidential election in 2020 to prove his claim.
  • On the first day, Lindell’s Symposium was hacked, which began to stream on his website.
  • Lindell informed that he had the complete backups data with him about the details in the hacking event, and the show will continue.

About Mike Lindell

  • Mike Lindell is America’s famous conspiracy theorist, entrepreneur, and businessman born on 28th June 1961 in Mankato, Minnesota. Read more to know about Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021.
  • He is the CEO and founder of My Pillow, a bedding, slipper and pillow manufacturing company, which is his main business.
  • He has also founded the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit foundation that involves treating people addicted to drugs and providing them with several other services.
  • He played a crucial role in supporting and financially aiding Trump to attempt to overturn the election result of Presidential election result, in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. He was involved in sponsoring a bus tour to challenge the US Presidential election result. 

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Mike Lindell’s Frankspeech Cyber Symposium 2021 exposed the claims against Chinese hackers and their influence in the Presidential election conducted in 2020.

Are you following this heated political event that is also involved in cyber safety and security? If so, it’ll be great to know your feedback on this topic.

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