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Frank’s Speech (Aug) Read About The Cyber Conference! >> The write-up discusses a recent occurrence that claims to reveal the truth regarding the 2020 US national election. Click here to know more.

In every country, elections are among the most major dates. As a result, it can be when individuals get the opportunity to support their leaders or, most importantly, to fix their problems from the past election year.

Furthermore, individuals from all around the globe, whether in the United States or Canada, can enhance history by electing. As a result, elections are a chaotic time for any society. So, let’s check what they’re up to right now and learn about Frank’s Speech.

What is Frank

Till we grasp the symposia, we must first appreciate the platform with which it gets linked. Mike Lindell created and constructed the Frank Speech, a social media site. Mike Lindell, the Founder of My Pillow, is the same person. The network’s motto is “The Voice of Free Speech,” which encourages the right to free speech.

Upon being prohibited from conventional social media networks, Lindell thought up the idea for the portal. As per the media, Frank Speech is created four years. Continue reading for extra info on Frank’s Speech cyber conference later in this article.

The Cyber Symposium’s Mission

Lindell recently reported that he was considering holding a convention or gathering for individuals all over the globe to attend. This event aims to expose the reality of Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 US national election.

As per Lindell, there’s been electoral interference. It’s worth noting that Lindell served as Trump’s presidential campaign director in Minnesota. 

Specifications of Cyber Conference:

The conference’s overall goal was to shed light on the Trump-Russia conspiracy during the 2020 US national election. The event was streamed live on Frank’s Speech online webpage. Lindell offered all of the proof needed to prove that the voting got corrupted by outside influence. Lindell guaranteed $5 million to those who could back him up during the symposium, streamed for 72 hours upon this Frank portal, a hybrid of youtube and Twitter and received good popularity. 

There is no indication that he presented any information at the symposium, despite promising that he had specifics and evidence of such a conspiracy. He took part in the public talk during a meeting as provided evidence.

About Frank’s Speech

The function was a live feed that enables people from all over the globe to participate. The conference started on August 10, 2021. It continued for three days, ending on August 12, 2021.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is the stuff we were able to examine at the meeting on the internet. Folks only spoke about how he was supposedly attacked on the first day of broadcasting on Frank Each data was collected from various sources online. 

Always do your investigation and exploration. Click here,  If you’d like to learn more about Mike Lindell  and his 2020 US presidential campaign participation.

Have you been to the cyber conference? Then post your comments down on Frank’s Speech.

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