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Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website (Aug) Read Details! >> The below blog contains each and every updated information about a website that is claiming to be a free speech platform.What is Frank Speech? Is it accessible for everyone?

In recent times, Mike Lindell, the ‘My Pillow’ CEO, has created another headline after offering United States citizens the first glimpse of his own social media channel. So in case you are still inquiring about Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, then this is the right place you have come.

Within this content, you will know some unknown & necessary facts about this site. So, be with us till the end.

Who is Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell, aka Michael-James Lindell, famous with the name ‘My Pillow Guy’ all over the USA, including Canada, is the America-based entrepreneur, a businessman and a conspiracy theorist. He is one of the famous names and the founder & CEO of ‘My Pillow, Inc.’ Besides being a successful entrepreneur, and from various sources, we find that he is a direct supporter of US former president Mr Donal Trump.

What is the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website?

Most of the time, he remains in news headlines because of new promotional events and theories. However, today, we will be checking his latest community channel site- Frankspeech. The site had been published recently; however, the sources said that it was shown a static website before publication.

According to Mike Lindell’s declaration, it has been come up that over the past 4 years, and Mike has been working secretly to create his community media platform. The portal’s tagline is pretty inquisitive; it shows ‘The Voice of Free Speech.’

As per the news, when it comes to tagline and Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, Mike further added to his speech to the press conference that the site is meant to provide US citizens with a platform to loud out their voice. He also mentioned that he has been planning to become the CEO of the Frank platform, and he is also reported to invest millions of dollars to create this platform. 

More about Frank Platform:

At the time of publication, Lindell had claimed that the platform would have a combination of features of Twitter & Youtube. However, even though the site is similar to other social networking channels where you can raise your voice and voice your own opinion without being criticized or banned, the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website has specific rules that you have to follow. If you break those rules, you can be banned from the platform.

Mike Lindell has mentioned that free speech doesn’t mean users can’t use curse words, post abusive videos. Users must choose words to communicate in this community.

After releasing the webpage contains several videos of Mike Lindell, and there you can also access VIP passes.

Bottom Line:

The above blog has been filled with all the necessary & latest information about the Frank platform. For our worldwide readers, we want to mention that this platform has been created for US citizens only. You can browse this Frank Speech webiste  and check all the videos. Does the ‘Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website‘ blog have cleared all of your queries? Please mention below.

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