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In the article about Foyer Wordle, you will get to know about today’s Wordle answer. Please stay connected with us.

Have you played the Wordle game before? Do you know what today’s answer is? If you don’t know, you don’t have to worry anymore. You are in the correct place. Today we will talk about the answer to the 304 Wordle puzzle. Please continue to read the article to know the answer.

Nowadays, Wordle is a Worldwide famous game. People from various countries and regions are enjoying the game. The craze of Wordle games is increasing gradually in every age group. Let’s talk about the Foyer Wordle. 

Why is the term ‘Foyer’ related to Wordle?

You’ll be amazed to know that ‘Foyer’ is today’s Wordle answer. Yes, you are reading it correctly. 19th April 2022, 304 Wordle’s answer is ‘Foyer’. ‘Foyer’ means ‘the entrance hall in a house or apartment’. 

According to some studies, today’s Wordle answer is not that tough to guess. But there is one twist in the answer. Though it is not so hard to guess, it is also not so easy. The answer is quite tricky because all the word letters are different. There is no same letter in the answer, Foyer Wordle. All the five letters are different, so players need to think very deeply before guessing the correct word.

How to guess the correct word in the Wordle?

Though there are no duplicate letters in today’s answer, there are two vowels in the word. If you have played this game before, you must be aware that the use of vowels occurs more often. So, it will be easy for the players to guess one or two letters. After guessing the first letter correctly, it will be easy to guess the next letter in Foyer Wordle.

How to identify if the letter is correct or not?

When you enter any letter in the box, the box colour will change. Suppose you enter the word “O”, and it appears in a green colour box; that means the letter is correct and is in the right place. After putting the word ‘R’, if the box turns into a yellow colour, the letter is correct but in the wrong position. And if the colour of the box turns grey, that means the letter is incorrect.

Some interesting facts about Foyer Wordle:

  • The word is a noun.
  • There is no same letter in the hidden word.
  • There are two vowels in the word.
  • The first letter of the answer is ‘F’, ‘O’ and ‘E’ are the vowels, the last letter ‘R’ is also easy to guess, but it will be a little difficult to guess the letter ‘Y’. 
  • Try to guess the word in fewer guesses. 

Ending Thoughts:

If you are a pro player of the Wordle game, you can easily guess the word. But those who are new players, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you guess the word Foyer Wordle. We are providing more information about the Wordle game for the new players. Click here

Are you ready to solve today’s puzzle now? Comment your feedback.

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