Foxbik Com Reviews (March 2021) Know It’s Legitimacy!


Foxbik Com Reviews (March 2021) Know It’s Legitimacy! >> The article presents a detailed overview of the online retailer of gaming merchandise, cards, and much more. See if it is legit?

Do you like buying those gaming goodies? If you are interested in taking autographs of your favorite players then, this article – Foxbik com Reviews might interest you to satiate your likings towards the merchandised goodies.

This portal has goodies for their customer in all packed boxes. These kinds of goodies are mostly gifted or bought in the United StatesIn the same country, the reports of scammers have been noticed to accelerate in a fast-moving track.

So, this encouraged the article to keep you safe and secure. The whole article has the motive of inspecting the site and helps you in shopping from the same online portal.

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What is Foxbik?

The online retailer is providing you with merchandise of Pokémon, Basketball, Football, etc. But before accessing the site it is must to check Foxbik com Reviews.

They give you two autographs of top players of the game, prisms, inserts, and a hobby box. They have also provided a deck of cards with printed basketball gamers, football—games which are quite popular in the United States.

Series are also available on the portal in case you are interested. They have also claimed that they changed their business to the international seller from offline. Couldn’t you still find the answer to your question – Is Foxbik com Legit? Stick to the article!


  • Website Link-
  • Products Offered – cards, merchandised goodies of Pokemon, series of cards, etc.
  • Creation Date- 02 March 2021
  • Email address –
  • Contact Details – not found on the portal
  • Shipping – takes 15-30 business days 
  • Return/Exchange – within 30 days, exception are gift cards, health, and care items
  • Refund – takes a maximum of 2-5 days 
  • Cancellation – only on the day of purchase 
  • Address- not found
  • Payment Method – credit cards and PayPal is accepted

Advantages of Foxbik

  • You can find your favorite player and gaming merchandise.
  • They claim to provide free of cost transport.
  • The process of refund is quick.
  • They provide autographs from the top players.


  • According to Foxbik com Reviews – The portal is just 21 days old, quite new in terms of the trust.
  • They have claimed to take free delivery, but they charge some amount from you.
  • You can order in bulk from there; they charge a huge amount if you order more than 2.
  • There not many review of customers found on the internet.
  • The content is almost plagiarized; the content is copied from various places.
  • Contact and address information was missing.
  • The social media page redirects to some other place, making the portal suspicious.
  • The people who know about the site is very few.
  • The trust rate is also very low.

 Is Foxbik com Legit? 

The foremost important is presented for you is this- 

  • Domain age – The domain is newly created; it is only 21 days old
  • Confidence index- The trust rate of the site is very weak; it is just 2%
  • Content Originality – The content has very little originality on the portal; almost 95% of the content is copied from various sites.
  • Address- The site has not even provided their address or any necessary information regarding the place of establishment.
  • Customer Reviews – After researching Foxbik com Reviews – the reviews from customers are nowhere found. Neither on their portal nor on any other website.
  • Contact details- The portal is not able to come up with their contact details.

 According to these pointers, the site seems dubious and scam. Hence, we suggest you not to use this site. Still, you want to try this, do it at your own risk. 

Customer Reviews On Foxbik

After researching thoroughly for Foxbik com Reviews, nothing has been found on the internet.

The social media handles were also redirected to some other place that looks suspicious.

Customer reviews are also very important in terms of trusting the portal. For the detailed information, even the reviews found on the least popular site were negative.

Final verdict

In the conclusion of the article, the final verdict is that Foxbik is a scandalous website. The portal has hardly any following, neither they have important information of the portal nor the contact details. After seeing the reviews, nothing has been found on the net. They claim it offers they don’t even give. They are charging a huge amount in terms of bulk buying products

The only advice from the article – Foxbik com Reviews is to not use this website. 

What’s your opinion about this site?  Share your thoughts in the given comment box.

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