Fouch Definition {May} Was It An Answer For Wordle 340?

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Are you someone who often faces problems with poor vocabulary? Are you the one who stumbles upon you after hearing new words? Then this article is for you. This article will talk about one of these kinds of new words. People in the United States are very keen on playing word games, and they are often searching for new words and lists of different words.

As the word guessing game is gaining popularity day by day, new words are trending in the news. Let us check Fouch Definition and meaning in this article.

The Meaning And Definition Of The Word Fouch

The word Fouch is similar to ‘Jerk’ or ‘Dummy’. It is a kind of word that can be used in the church by the younger generation in the present situation. The youth who went to a particular church from the 1970s to 80s in the US and Canada used this term to avoid using foul language.

Another meaning of Fouch is to divide in a quarter. Fouch is not a word used very often; still, it has a meaning. 

Why Is Fouch Definition Trending In News?

On 25th May, the answer of 340 wordle game was Vouch; some people got puzzled by the word Vouch with Fouch. Wordle is a very popular word puzzle game. The answer to wordle is trending in the news every day. It gained that limit of popularity.

The meaning of Vouch is to confirm or affirm something. It means to confirm something. Vouch is a very commonly used word, unlike Fouch. People frequently use it in the time of their conversations. Just because of the misconception between the two words, the fouch Definition is trending in the news.

Related words To Fouch

There is a list of words that are spelled as Fouch. Such as 

  • Couch
  • Ouch
  • Vouch
  • Touch
  • Pouch
  • Louch
  • Douch
  • Mouch
  • Rouch
  • Zouch
  • Nouch

These words are similarly spelled as Fouch. There are words pronounced the same as Fouch. Such as – 

  • Zoutch
  • Bautch
  • Pautsch
  • Floutch
  • Bouche
  • Rouche
  • Fouche
  • Tobacco Pouch
  • Studio Couch
  • Cheek Pouch
  • Scaramouch
  • Mail Pouch

Fouch Definition and Rules to Play the Wordle Game!

We have given the meaning of the word Fouch earlier and have seen why this word is in the news. We know about the wordle game. Here we discuss the rules to play tha game so that we can find the right answers whenever we play this game.

  • First, fill the tiles of the given letters; how many numbers of the letter is.
  • After filling in the letters in the given tiles, the tiles will change their color.
  • The green color indicates the right letter, the yellow one indicates the right letter in the wrong position, and the grey one represents an incorrect letter.


Based on internet research, Fouch Definition was an incorrect word; the first letterbox will be turned grey as the symbol of an incorrect letter. Playing the wordle game works as a mood elevator. So the game is very popular among people.

What is your wordle playing experience? Please comment below. Moreover, to know about today’s answer, click here.

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