Fortnite Update 3.03 (Feb) Is This Update Got Released?

Fortnite Update 3.03 2021

Fortnite Update 3.03 (Feb) Is This Update Got Released? -> Read here to know which game had recently released the new Update and gather all information about it!

New Fortnite Update 3.03 is out, and anyone out there in the United Kingdom, Germany, and United States, as well as other nations, can update this newly released feature and install it.

The game developers launched a new hotfix for the fortnite game on February five. This can now be installed and downloaded from the Fortnite official website. If you are using PlayStation 4, you will be required one point one gb, and depending on what platform you use, the size of space and internet GB varies. 

Guys, be ready to know more in detail about Fortnite new updates in our article beneath. Do read if you are interested!

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About Fortnite Update 3.03:

The Fortnite game developers say that had launched this maintenance patch convey the following things:

  • Fixing tournament against the queuing bug.
  • Innovative apply to STW/ disable edit option given in the BR
  • Fix current performance trouble on PC as it still impacts DX12
  • Fixing issues while using PlayStation 4 stability 

The news also added that with the launch of this new 3.03 Fortnite update, users would see a low texture quality when they use performance mode. The is done keeping in thought to prevent construction which are invisible and maintain an increased FPS.

The Fortnite Update 3.03 news was released on Twitter by the official page of Fortnite.

What’s The Size Of the New Fortnite Update?

We heard that the new updates of Fortnite had reduced its file size. On average, over sixty GB were required on the system for downloading new updates, but now it had been decreased to twenty to thirty GB for the new 3.03 update. This time, the game developer, keeping in mind the storage issue, has reduced the file size of the new Fortnite Update.

Other Related Information Regarding New Fortnite Update:

The patches note mentioned above was issued by the official Fortnite status on the Twitter account. Many of the United Kingdom, Germany and United States players still come across performance issues while playing on pc using DX12. 

Fortnite Update 3.03 will help to prevent these issues from now onwards. For those Fortnite users using DX12, which is essential for tracing, Ray may use DX11 as a temporary solution, but now you may install and download the new Fortnite Update to avoid this problem.

There was a fixed issue that was uncommon for the game Fortnite on Friday. But these problems were to be sorted out asap by rather than making players wait for more. Hopefully, now this has been sorted out.


Lastly, we hope you must have received enough facts about the new Update made by Fortnite game developers to avoid some of the primary issues that players generally came across. You may download & install Fortnite Update 3.03 asap to get rid of those problems.

Have you downloaded this new updates? Please share us your queries regarding the update with us.

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