Flow Academy Kelowna (April 2021) Let’s Know About It!

Flow Academy Kelowna

Flow Academy Kelowna (April 2021) Let’s Know About It! >> Read here the news flash about an academy not accepting the new memberships. What is the reason?

Have you taken covid-19 vaccination? The covid is rapidly increasing worldwide, and people register for the vaccination as per the phase system. The pandemic is prevailing, and people need to take precautionary measures for this spread.

A Canada-based Flow academy which is a martial arts academy is not accepting new membership applications anymore.

That is why people are looking for the Flow Academy Kelowna rules and patterns for new registration.

Let us read further.

What is the actual news about the Flow Academy?

In the prevailing situation, the Flow Martial Arts Academy has stopped new membership for the people who have been vaccinated from Covid-19.

This decision has been laid out with the consultation of various wellness, health and fitness-related facilities throughout Canada. Many of the insurance companies are also involved in the decision-making.

Why has the academy raised this step?

The reason behind the facility administration’s step is that they are unknown about the health impact after the vaccination. That is why Flow Academy Kelowna has stopped new memberships.

Many people have been reported with a variety of viral coming off, and in serious cases, it could lead to death.

They are not responsible for any such circumstances where people after vaccination join the membership and face such issues.

What is their operating procedure?

The club is a private club, and it’s not open publicly to the people.

The facility doors will remain closed once the program session will begin to avoid any kind of interference.

Only the members of the prior appointment people can enter the premises of Flow Academy Kelowna.

As a preventive measure for health safety and protection, wearing the mask is not permitted inside the premises.

A facility for washing your hands and washrooms is available.

The members are fully responsible for their health.

There is a trial membership that one can avail of. Still, before that, they have to understand and agree to the instructions, procedure completely and then they have to go for a survey and then need approval for the trial membership.

What are the health officials saying about the Flow Academy Kelowna?

As per the covid-19 prevention guidelines, public health is a priority and any business that includes the public needs to follow the public health orders and guidelines.

The club still needs to have covid-19 safety measures to prevent the transmission among the people and the staff people.


In February 2021, the club has been issued a warning that they are not following the covid-19 guidelines. The IH mentioned that they would investigate this scene further, and if still, they do not follow the precautionary guidelines, then the actions will be taken.

Flow Academy Kelowna has stopped new memberships now, but they need to follow the guideline. What is your opinion on such rapid spread and public health concerns? Please do mention this in the comment box below.

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5 Comments on “Flow Academy Kelowna (April 2021) Let’s Know About It!”

  1. They should leave this nonsense on 8kun (aka 8chan). The health claims they previously made (which they have since taken down.. what does that tell you) are based on political bunk, and NOT the science. This club is a danger to the community, and as such, they should be shut down. Period.

  2. Thank you Flow Academy for standing up for what’s right!
    I was going to check out the club and perhaps join.
    Is it not possible now?
    I will never take the vaccine; I agree, the full long-term side effects are not known but they are already showing up as injuries, disabilities and death.
    Thank you for being brave!

  3. I think it’s great! We should support them! The restrictions are ridiculous! Wearing masks is ridiculous! The vaccines are not fda approved. Etc etc.

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