Floom Wordle {June 2022} Is it a Solution for Wordle 352

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Floom Wordle has discussed the reason for high traffic behind the word Floom and has provided tips for solving future NYT word games.

Are you a Word game enthusiast always looking for five exact letters to solve daily the NYT Wordle? Puzzle solvers in Canada and the United States have added this game to their daily routine, and they enjoy solving it daily.

There are various reasons for solving this puzzle, self-satisfaction and some brain exercise being top among them. Floom is among the top search words in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia. In this post, we will find the reason for the high traffic behind this word, so keep reading Floom Wordle.

Is Floom Answer For Wordle 352?

Many player’s second and third tiles turned green on attempting the word CLOUD while solving the 6th June puzzle. It indicated that L is the second letter and O is the third letter of the word that players are searching for in the game.

In a few more attempts, it became clear that M is the last letter of today’s solution. It also raised similarity of the solution to the word Floom, but for some players, first tile turned grey when starting with the letter F, indicating Floom is not the answer for Wordle 352.

Floom Definition:

It became clear from the above discussion that Floom is not a solution for 6th June Wordle, but players searched for it as this word has similarities with the answer. On using it as an option for solving the puzzle, the game didn’t accept this word and prompted that this is not in the game’s word list.

We also searched for its definition but found nothing, and the closest word to Floom is Flume, an artificial water channel developed for different purposes. Some netizens also thought Floom to be a new game, but we found no puzzle named Floom Game.

Hints and Solution for Wordle 352:

The high search traffic behind the word Floom was due to its similarity with the probable solution of Wordle 352. Some of the hints for solving the puzzle are given below for players of this word game.

  • The word contains one vowel.
  • One of the letters in the word is repeated.
  • L and O are in the middle, while M is the last letter of the solution.
  • It is related to darkness and despair.
  • It starts with one of the standard letters.
  • GLOOM is the answer to puzzle 352.

Floom Wordle Tips for solving Puzzle:

  • Start with a standard and simple word.
  • Starting word should contain one or two vowels.
  • Avoid grey tiled letters in future attempts for finding the solution.
  • Try to use the yellow tiled letter to get the correct placement for the letter in future attempts.
  • Sometimes use words from the previous answer of Wordle.
  • Take the help of google to solve the puzzle in fewer attempts.

Final verdict:

Floom is neither a word nor any puzzle game, but it appeared to be a probable solution for Wordle 352. Floom Wordle has given hints and tips for solving future puzzles, and players can use it to solve the word game in fewer attempts. Gamers can share their thoughts on 6th June Wordle in the comment section below.

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