Flash Cup Fortnite (Feb) Check The Latest Fortnite News

Flash Cup Fortnite 2021

Flash Cup Fortnite (Feb) Check The Latest Fortnite News -> Do you want to earn the Flash outfit in Fortnite? Read on as we inform you about the in-game competition that lets you win the skin.

Do you keep track of the new tournaments in the hit video game Fortnite? If so, then do read on as we let you know about the upcoming tournament that has got everyone talking. 

Recently, a popular Fortnite leaker shared the Flash Cup Fortnite tournament news on his Twitter page. Given the popularity of Fortnite in the United States and the United Kingdom, many people started sharing the post. 

Read on to get to essential info about this leak. 

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What is this tournament all about? 

Every now and then, data miners and leakers share Fortnite-related news online. One such news is about the in-game competition that lets the winners gain access to The Flash outfit. 

The user who goes by the Twitter handle iFireMonkey posted on his Twitter account sharing info about the upcoming Flash Cup Fortnite tournament. As per the tweet, it is going to be a duo tournament. 

The duos who win will stand a chance to win The Flash outfit. The post was shared on February 8. After that, Fortnite’s official Twitter handle shared a tweet talking about incoming transmission. 

The gamers in the United States and the United Kingdom started speculating that the post is an indication that the leak related to the tournament may be real. 

In general, players, especially the ones who are fans of the hit comic character The Flash, started sharing the tweet and commenting on it. 

Things to know about Flash Cup Fortnite:

  • There is yet to be an official announcement regarding a competition for The Flash outfit. 
  • The leak was first shared by iFireMonkey. 
  • As per the info on the internet, the Flash outfit will be available in the game shop after the competition. 
  • Players will be able to participate in the tournament as a duo. 
  • Player duos from different regions may win the price. 
  • The Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey has over 464k followers on Twitter. 
  • According to the claims made by the Twitter user, The Flash skin will be available from 10th February onwards. 

When is the Flash Cup Fortnite expected to take place? 

As per the info shared by the Fortnite leaker, the Flash Cup may take place on the February 10, 2021. So, if you’re an ardent Fortnite gamer and a hardcore fan of DC’s Flash, then mark the date to participate in the in-game tournament. 

Concluding remarks

Fortnite and Flash fans can rejoice as it seems that very soon, the video game will allow users to participate in a competition with the Flash skin as the ultimate prize. 

However, readers should be aware that Epic Games is yet to make any official announcement regarding Flash Cup Fortnite

Are you excited about news of this tournament? Let us know your answer and what you think of this post by leaving a comment on this page. 

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