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February 7 2008 Cartoon Network {Aug} Know More Here!

February 7 2008 Cartoon Network {Aug} Know More Here! >> This article is based on the unfortunate incident which leads to the broadcast of inappropriate content on a kid’s channel.

Are you a parent having a kid who watches a kid’s channel? Have you heard about the glitches that can happen to the highly popular channel for kids? Then you must have known about an unfortunate incident that occurred on February 7 2008 Cartoon Network.

Parents from the United States are eager to understand this serious issue that can affect the kid’s personalities exposed to such inappropriate content due to the broadcaster’s technical glitch. Find out more about this incident.

About Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network, popularly known by the abbreviation CN, is a kid’s channel that provides entertainment and educational content that is fit to watch for a person below 18 years old.

The founder of CN is Betty Cohen, and this channel mainly focuses on releasing animated tv series for children, which includes animation, action, educational and comical content.

 February 7 2008 Cartoon Network

  • On this date, an unfortunate incident occurred to the Comcast subscribers from Nashville in Tennessee.
  • Instead of broadcasting cartoon content, due to some technical glitches, Comcast telecasted offensive videos.
  • Most of the audience of this channel are kids and teenagers, and the content was inappropriate for them.
  • Almost all the audience was below 18 years old, making this incident a serious one to investigate.
  • After the incident and understanding its seriousness, Comcast Vice President officially apologized for the technical error. 

 More about Comcast:

  • Comcast is a successful US-based telecommunications company. Read more to know about February 7 2008 Cartoon Network.
  • It is the largest provider of cable TV services in the USA.
  • Comcast is the second-largest revenue-generating company in the world after AT&T.
  • It is a family-run business.
  • It is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

     Similar Broadcasting Incidents:

  • Another similar technical issue happened with Comcast on 2009, February 1, during the Super Bowl tournament.
  • Comcast was broadcasting with the affiliate of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) during the incident.
  • For 20 seconds, offensive videos were telecasted promoting an inappropriate channel, watched by the channel viewers from Tucson.
  • This incident is the second incident after February 7 2008 Cartoon Network, which leads to the broadcasting of highly inappropriate and offensive content that too, without any warnings, made a serious outrage among the public.
  • Considering the utmost seriousness of this issue, the FBI started investigating the incident seriously.
  • The company announced $10 for the viewers who were watching the channel during this unfortunate incident.
  • Frank Tanori Gonzalez took responsibility for releasing the offensive content, and he was given a penalty of $1000. In addition, he was ordered for three years’ probation for the crime he has committed.


Most of the children aged seven to fourteen are regular viewers of February 7 2008 Cartoon Network. Many bad incidents that resulted in the broadcast of offensive content occurred in the past. So, parents must take suitable precautions about these serious issues. For more information on this topic, visit here.

Have you faced any glitches mentioned above in your life? Then, kindly share your experience with us. 

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