Farah Diyanah Reviews (Dec 2021) Is The Website Legit?

Farah Diyanah Online Website Reviews

Read this Farah Diyanah Reviews to verify the website’s authenticity and user’s viewpoint. Also, check the features, benefits and drawbacks of this website.

Music is the only language that unites us regardless of our location, language difference, cultural difference. If you love to listen to music, especially contemporary, classical, jazz, you are familiar with Farah Diyanah.

Farah Diyanah is an Australian professional musician who is known worldwide, specifically in Singapore, for her dedication towards performance, music, teaching and creating. Today, we’ll review Farah Diyanah website, and Farah Diyanah Reviews. The website is crafted as a musical teaching and listening platform, and here a separate section to buy musical-themed stuff. 

Let’s check the overview of the audience.

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Introduction of Farah Diyanah website:

Farah Diyanah, the Melbourne-based professional musician, has an official website, namely- ‘Farah Diyanah.’ The interface has high aesthetic appeal and is soothing, designed with photos of musical instruments, which makes the site more encouraging. Users can notice 6 separate menus on its header menu- Home, Fajoah Music-School, About, Abstract-Art Esty Store, The Musical-Gift Shop and Shop.

Additionally, When we checked if Farah Diyanah Scam or not, we noticed, the website represents Farah Diyanah’s music school and musical-themed gift shop. You can find an outline of her music school and the gift shop on the home page, but if you want to check that, you have to visit those sections. Moreover, on the home page, you will find some fantastic musical pieces of Farah Diyanah that you can enjoy for free.


This section represents the musical gift shop’s specifications-

  • Website Address: The main site’s address is https://www.farahdiyanah.com/, and the gift shop’s address is https://www.themusicalgiftshop.com/.
  • Remarks: We found Farah Diyanah Reviews.
  • Address: 254-Liberty Parade, Heidelberg-West VIC-3081, Australia
  • Email Address: info@themusicalgiftshop.com 
  • Phone Number: +61497460418
  • Delivery Information: The delivery is usually done within 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Transportation Charges: Free transportation over 45 USD purchasing.
  • Return: The return facility is accessible.
  • Cancellation: Buyers are eligible to cancel their order within 12 hours after placing the order; after that time, the policy becomes illicit.
  • Refund Process: If you receive a damaged product, a 100% refund is available.
  • Exchange Details: For the defective products, 100% exchange is available.
  • Payment Systems: Amex, PayPal, Visa, JCB, GPay, Apple Pay, etc.

Overview of the benefits considering the Farah Diyanah Reviews:

  • The site represents Farah Diyanah music school and musical themed gift shop.
  • The site is secured with HTTPS security.
  • The feedback from Singapore is positive and satisfactory.
  • The website holds a good age and trust index point.
  • The shop section has each and every information regarding shipping and return.
  • Non-clickable links are unavailable, which is good to deliver optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Its account has many followers on social-media.

A brief overview of the drawbacks:

  • There are no details if it sells internationally.
  • Content plagiarism is found.

Is the Farah Diyanah site authentic?

To figure out whether Farah Diyanah Scam or not, you have to read the below segment-

  • Domain Age: The age of this portal is more than 6 years; its establishment date is 1st April 2015.
  • The ID of Domain: It is farahdiyanah.com.
  • Authority Holder Info: The information of the authority holder isn’t clear.
  • Trust Index: The trust index is above average; the point is 60 percent.
  • Social Media Channel: Yes, the website’s channel is present on multiple social media.
  • Remarks: Yes, feedback is present.
  • Plagiarism: 22 percent plagiarism is found.
  • Address Verification: The address is verified and legit.
  • Missing Details: The operator information is hidden.

Farah Diyanah Reviews:

Inside the shop section, there is a separate ‘Customer Review’ section where we saw real-time comments with product pictures. The maximum of feedback is satisfactory. Additionally, we checked the site’s main home page, where we found social-media icons.

Visiting its social-media profile, we found people are satisfied with its content, products, and service. Coming to its followers’ count on Facebook , it has over 1K followers and likes. Besides, we found Farah Diyanah music has been featured on Amazon and other sites. Also, read the process details to get refunds for credit card scams.

Final Verdict:

Checking the Farah Diyanah Reviews and going through the specifications, trust-index point, policies, social-media profile, we can specify the site is legit; however, re-check is suggested. Again, read the methods to receive back the money on Paypal scams. Have you ever visited the site? Then please share your experience below that will help our audience to judge it more accurately.

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