Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews (Aug 2021) Is It Legit!

Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews (June 2021) Is It Legit!


Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews (Aug 2021) Is It Legit! >> A green tea oil-infused face mask claims to be capable of removing blackheads after once applied. But, is it that much effective in removing acne? Read and know.

Blackhead is the most visible acne form; even people whose skin texture and type are slightly oily are potentially more vulnerable to acne and blackheads than any person who has a bit normal to dry textured skin.

In case you have oily typed skin and suffering from blackheads, acne, a green tea-infused facial mask claims to remove you’re the cause of stress, now is also available in Australia.

But is that truly effective? This Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews informative article’s through you can instantly guess its effectiveness and judge its legitimacy.

What is Facial Green Mask Stick?

It is a facial mask that claims to provide polished, supple, pore-less skin instantly, available in Australia. As mentioned there, for those who have acne problems, this mask is for them. 

It is n unisex product available for all typed skin, having essential oils of green tea, Vitamin E, and glycerin to clean the skin pores in-depth as well as adjust the skin’s oil and water balance while nourishing and replenishing the skin moisture. At the time of search of Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews, we saw it is quite handy and easy to use due to its innovative packaging. You cannot feel messy while applying the mask as it comes with a rotating applicator and a good gripping base.

How to use the mask?

Apply that mask by rotating on your bare skin. You should apply after washing your face. Leave the mask for around 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off with water properly or remove it with clean clothes.


  • Skin Type: It is safe for all types of skin.
  • Type of the Product: A facial mask.
  • Product Price: It is 21.99 USD.
  • Reviews: The seller site has no Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews.
  • Expiry Date: 3 years after the date of manufacturing.
  • Product’s Net Content: The new weight is 40 g.
  • Applicable People: Unisex.
  • Package Included: 1Pc of facial green mask stick.


  • Helps in balancing the oil and water of the skin.
  • The application method is easy.
  • It helps in removing impurities deeply and cleans the pores.
  • It is available at a discounted rate.


  • It is not yet clinically tested.
  • Reviews tell that it doesn’t give the same result as shown on promotion.

Is Facial Green Mask Stick Legit?

This product accelerates the eliminating process of skin dirt and acne. However, there are some glitches you may see if you read this portion entirely.

  • There are countless Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews on different sites and social media but not on the brand site.
  • We didn’t know if the product is recently launched or not due to missing the arrival date.
  • Coming to the seller site age, it was built on 22-12-2020.
  • Though the seller portal has given their corporate address; however, the trust rank is terrible. It only receives 2 out of 100 scores.
  • The description is totally copied from different portals like Pinterest.
  • We found a major missing while checking the product description; the full list of ingredient details is absent.

The product is being offered on different sites; hence, it may be worthy, but the seller’s site seems suspicious. To know more about its effectiveness, read the review section-

Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews:

If you search online remarks about this mask stick, you may see a handful of results, including reviews, demonstrations, videos, and so on. The beauty gurus of social media made several videos explaining its effectiveness. But, according to unbiased remarks, you should not expect any miracle will happen.

Maybe it helps hydrating skin, but the way it is demonstrated as a blackhead removal mask, the results or reviews did not agree. Moreover, it is offered on different leading e-shop like Amazon, Flipkart, where it also received mixed reviews. 

People mentioned in Facial Green Mask Stick Reviews that the after result is not satisfactory. Know more unbiased Reviews by visiting this site– 

Final Thought:

The green tea extract mask obtained countless remarks on various social media. However, people admitted that the result didn’t match as shown in the promotion. Tough the mixed review, the product is valid, and it depends on you, what you decide after checking the reviews.

However, the seller site is not reliable due to various reasons mentioned above. So, please go for any reputed e-com site like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Click it and know the product’s legitimacy.

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