Excellenstore com Reviews [Mar] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Excellenstore com Reviews [Mar] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> Read the website content below which states about an online electronic store.

Are you looking for an online store to shop for the exact products you want? The site excellentstore.com is one such online store. The store claims to serve the exact products which the customers need. But before claiming anything about the legitimacy of the site, let us see Excellenstore com Reviews to know more about the site. 

This store is gaining a huge fan base all over the world especially in the United States. People are finding all the products they need according to their wish. The store claims to provide the products that customers wish to buy. Keep on reading the article to know if you should buy anything from the store or not.

What Is Excellentstore.com?

This is an online store that promises to provide all the daily usable products. It offers a huge variety of electronics, electrical items, earphones, television, laptops, computers, etc

According to the Excellenstore com Reviews, the site is offering all these products at low and reasonable prices. It is offering a convertible sofa set, magic cabinet, ice maker, coffee table, etc. All these products are available online on this official site. Almost everything related to electronics is available on the site.


  • Type of website – Online store.
  • Product – Folding scooter, coffee table, ice maker, foldable sofa set.
  • Mail id – shaytay017@21cn.com
  • Website age – 1 month 8 days old.
  • Call number – Not mentioned.
  • Physical address – Not given.
  • Payment mode – Not Given.
  • Shipping duration – 2-3 business days.
  • Delivery duration – According to the Excellenstore com Reviews, it takes 11-18 business days to deliver the product.
  • Return – Within 14 days of receiving the product.
  • Refund – Within certain days of receiving the product.

Pros Of excellentstore.com

  • The site uses the HTTPS protocol to protect the site and the data of the users.
  • The store offers a huge variety of electronic items to its users.
  • The site offers a money-back and product return guarantee to all its customers within 14 days of purchasing the item.
  • The store also offers a variety of products to be chosen from. There are not many pros to the site.

Cons Of excellentstore.com

As per the Excellenstore com Reviews, there are various negative points about the site that can be seen. 

  • The trust index of the site is just 1% which is the most negative aspect. This shows that the site has not been trusted by the people not even in the United States.
  • There is no social media presence that can be seen about the site and its products.
  • We have seen that the Alexa ranking if this site is so poor. It means that the site is not at all famous among the people.
  • The customer reviews about the site and its products are negative. People are highly disappointed with the site, its products and its services.
  • According to Excellenstore com Reviews, people are claiming that the site is not providing the products as it is showing. The products are not legit and can not be trusted.
  • The site is just one month old which is not enough to judge or comment upon its legitimacy.
  • No contact phone number or physical address has been found on this site which shows that the site is not trustworthy enough.

Is excellentstore.com Fake or Real?

According to our research, we can say that the site is not legit. We have seen various negative aspects that show the site to be fake. No contact information is given, no physical address can be found, no positive feedback about this site can be seen. If you are looking forward to ordering something from the site, do your research work properly.

What Are Excellenstore com Reviews?

The reviews about excellentstore.com are quite mixed up. But most of these reviews are negative. Either people are not receiving the product they have ordered or they received the defected product. 

People are complaining that they are not able to contact the website via telephone. They are not able to express their queries. This shows that the site is not trustworthy. Also, the site does not seem legit enough to provide you with everything you are seeing on the site.

Final Verdict

Have you found a legit site to shop your electronic products? This store excellentstore.com does not seem legit enough to trust and shop products from. According to Excellenstore com Reviews, we have seen that the site does not have a great trust index, good Alexa ranking, great feedback from the customers or good after-sale services. 

All these factors point straight to the fact that the site is not legit and can’t be trusted. If you are planning to shop from this store, you can do your part of the research work. Did you find this article useful? You can let us know in the section below.

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