Evonms Scam {June 2021} Get Detailed Website Review!

Evonms Scam 2021

Evonms Scam {June 2021} Get Detailed Website Review! >> This store sells gym equipment and other heavy-duty machinery, for more information on this topic, read the complete article.

Are you a gym lover? And what are your hobbies regarding Gym? people across the globe want themselves to be physically fit but some lack equipment. Majorly people in the United States love to order heavy machinery for everything Online. But not only Gym there are also other activities like sports and maintenance equipment available on this website that are helpful to almost everyone.  

If you have started generating interest to know more about Evonms Scam, stay with us to get all the required information. 

Is Evonms Legit? 

When we say the word legitimacy, we mean that the thing that has the most concern about this website. To get further information about today’s website review, please read the whole content with some care so that you must not miss anything that could make you feel unhappy. Here we present you with some legitimacy points to spread awareness about this website’s thoughts and intentions. 

  • The authentic registration of this website was securely completed on 15 June 2021.   
  • Lack of Evonms ReviewsIt was discovered that the country in which this website is serving is at high risk of fraud.  
  • The content of this website was not able to be analyzed. 
  • The popularity of this website is nearly 0%.   
  • With the help of our sources, we can say that the trust index for this website is 4.5% only, which is very low. 
  • There are plenty of threats found by us to justify this website.  

With the help of all the legitimacy points mentioned above, we can now easily give our views for Evonms Reviews and say that this website is not to be trusted.  

What is Evonms?

Evonms is a website which deals with all the products like heavy-duty gym equipment, backpacks, clutches, cross body, fanny packs, totes and travelling. As the website is quite new, it still gives quite a decent discount on all of its products, and the price of every product is very low, which makes us dubious about this website. 


With the help of the specifications mentioned below, we hope to make you clear about Evonms Scam.  

  • URL:- https://www.evonms.com. 
  • Contact info: – (903) 292– 9660. 
  • Contact name: – The name of the person was not mentioned.  
  • Mailing address:- contact@evonms.com. 
  • Official address:- 117 Meadow Lane, long lane, MN55356, United States. 

Further specifications

  • All the products on this website will be delivered free.  
  • The shipping time due to the pandemic has increased to15 to 30 days.  
  • All sorts of returns or cancellations of the product could be accepted within 14 days of the delivery. 
  • Refunds will be processed within 5 to 15 days.  
  • Payment options like cash on delivery, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and more are available.  

The specifications of this website make us clearer about Evonms Scam. 

Pros of Events. 

  • Valid SSL check with a certificate of HTTPS protocol was available for This website. 
  • Our sources did not detect any source of blocklist engine. 

Cons for Evonms. 

  • We could easily check that the identity is hidden from the owner by WHOIS. 
  • Registration of this e-commerce store was completed just a few days ago. 
  • No customer reviews are found for this website anywhere.  
  • The social media pages were negative for this website. 

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What are Evonms Reviews? 

And for a website to be trusted, it is mandatory to have a good amount of customer reviews so that the satisfaction of every customer reaches its peak level when this sees the customer reviews. The reviews make one decide that if they could trust this website. But the matter of fact is that the reviews must not be paid. They must be genuine, but in the case of this website, no reviews were found. 

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The conclusion is to justify that Evonms Scam is a real scam for people who do not know about these kinds of websites and their intentions. If you find yourself helping with this website review, please give your regards in the comments. 

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