Everything You Need To Know About International Scam!

Everything You Need To Know About International Scam! >> The guide shares comprehensive details about different online international scams and methods to report them.

Online scams are alive, and it costs victims millions of dollars every year. The cyber-thieves are using the internet as the tool to rip off the gullible Worldwide victims. 

The online international scams and frauds come in different forms, ranging from pop-ups loaded with viruses and malware, email scams to trick the recipients into providing their financial details, and even social media scams.

The number of international online scams jumps rapidly every year. What must you do to reduce the exposure to international scams? Here is Everything You Need To Know About International Scam.   

What is Online International Scams?

Online international frauds continue to progress and vary significantly. International scams refer to how the internet or web world is used to defraud Worldwide victims for financial and personal gains. 

The cybercriminals contact the potential victims via email, social sites, and other methods to gather their financial and personal details. 

These international online scams have one motive: making financial gains from victims or failing to receive funds promised by the fraudster.

Different Types of International Scams

Here is Everything You Need To Know About International Scam and its types:

  • Overpayment Scams – The transaction may look legit as someone has responded to your ad and arranged payment for the stuff you are selling. Buyers give you a reason to spend more money than quoted but ask you to provide the difference before the money is deducted from the account. As you pay the difference, the fund transferred seems fake as you sent the fund to a scammer. 
  • Quick Money Promise – The scam starts with a phone call or email message that advertises job recruitment with lots of cash. But, to apply, you have to make bank deposits or transfer a fee for quick money-making jobs. 
  • Fraud Shopping Sites – Using delicate layouts and designs, cybercriminals can develop fraud retailer websites that look genuine and replicate the design of the original retailer’s website. As you shop at the website and make payments for any product, you are scammed as you never receive the ordered product. 
  • Card Scams – Every year, thousands of credit and debit cardholders fall victim to online scams when their card is over-charged or their account is charged for the purchase they have not done.   

Everything You Need To Know About International Scam – How to Report?

United States

If you fall victim to online scams in the United States, you must visit the cybercrime reporting website of the US Government. 

  • Go to the website of the Federal Trade Commission 
  • Visit the Consumer Information page
  • Report the scam at econsumer.gov 
  • The FTC and law enforcement agencies will investigate for you

Victims can also report the scam with the FBI’s online crime complaint center as it is the primary point for investigating and tracking the online international abuses and frauds. 


  • People in Australia can report cyber crimes at cyber.gov.au. 
  • Online consumers may complain and report the crime at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website at scamwatch.gov.au.
  • The consumers have to fill a form to report the scam. 
  • The law enforcement and government agencies will investigate the scam.   


Victims in Canada can report suspicious and fraudulent activities online at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

  • Victims must visit the website at antifraudcentre.ca and report the scam by filling the online complaint form
  • Victims can also report the scam via phone by calling 1-888-495-8501   

The complaints of victims are investigated by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As the investigations are over, victims are intimated by the authorities.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Government has set up a service called National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. It offers 24/7 online scam reporting services for businesses and individuals. 

  • Go to the website action fraud.police.uk and report the scam by filling up the reporting form online.
  • Victims may also register the scam by calling the helpline number 0300-12-2040 between Monday and Friday (8 am to 8 pm)

Here is Everything You Need To Know About International Scam and how to report it country-wise.


The cases of international scams and frauds are increasing, and millions of online consumers are victimized every year. They are losing millions of dollars by falling prey to these international online scams. 

There are different types of Internet Frauds, and you may fall prey to these frauds, especially if you are not equipped with the right process and methods to report the scams.

You may use the above guide to report the scams, and the respective centers will review the complaint and create reports highlighting the threats. Use the above guide on Everything You Need To Know About International Scam and immediately report any scams and suspicious activities.

Have you ever fall prey to these international scams and frauds? What measures have you taken to report it? Please share it in the comments section.

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