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Evergreen Ship among Us (April) Check All Updates Here! >> Are you aware of the massive ship trap in Suez Canal? Please check this article to learn more about the latest memes.

Hello there. Have you heard about the massive ship which has blocked down the iconic Suez Canal?  And why its memes are trending in the United States.

If you’ve not heard, a cargo vessel named the Evergreen Ship among Us, which is larger than that of the Eiffel Tower, became trapped sideways in the Suez Canal on Tuesday.

Don’t miss its memes. The ship trapped in the Suez Canal seems to be the top headline streaming across the world while costing vast amounts of money per moment.

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How the ship restricted the canal?

The Ever Given, Taiwan-owned “mega-ship,” a 220,000-ton, got trapped throughout the sediment of the Egyptian canal’s east edge on Tuesday morning and remained partly trapped further than a day later.

Each day, approximately 50 ships travel via the canal transporting each thing from oil to consumer products, contributing to around one-tenth of the globe’s transportation by cargo capacity. An Ever Given, also one of Evergreen Ship among Us, is shipping hundreds of shipments from Yantian, China, to Rotterdam.

Egypt’s leaders blamed the grounding on heavy winds and even a flash flood that affected the region, causing gusty winds of 31 mph.

Meme Fest Triggered by Suez Canal Blockage

TikTok users are generating memes & tweets about the giant cargo ship attempting to block the Suez Canal.

The images of the giant container ship trapped sideways in the Reservoir have gone viral. The mini bulldozer positioned by the container in what appears to be a weak move to release the vessel is visible in the photographs.

Stay tuned to read all the funny memes of Evergreen Ship among Us.

Best funny memes so far

  • One commenter wrote, “Me obediently hacking away at my roles,” superimposed with a picture of the cargo vessel outstripping a single digger trying to remove it.
  • One picture posted was a sketch wherein the Suez Canal’s locks labeled as “procrastination,” where canal as being “work flow,” and the side to side hindered Ever Given as “me.”
  • Then a  Gif again from the movie Austin Powers: Global Man of Mystery, wherein the male lead trapped in a subway car that’s also turning backward and forth over a narrow container, became headlined with jokes about the ship.

Evergreen Ship among Us hits tweet

  • Eventually, numerous internet users posted Amazon’s customer feedback section for the book “How And when to Stop giant Ships,” and one saying, “Hey Suez Canal store, how else can I assist?”
  • One posted a map of the massive ship’s Suez Canal path then asked, “Is there a speed trap?” Including the tweet, he included a digit icon referring to the graph.


On Tuesday morning, a cargo ship almost 100 meters larger than that of the length of London’s Shard crash-landed in the Suez Canal, closing one of the country’s most significant arteries.

Don’t get confused. Ship states Evergreen on the side. It is the name of the company.” “The ship’s name is Ever Given.” Its Evergreen Ship among Us memes are trending in the United States.

If you know of any other hits tweet, please let us know in the comment section below.

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