Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Caused by a Psychological Condition

Complete Information About Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Caused by a Psychological Condition

There are certain psychological factors that affect on your day-by-day lifestyle and mainly cause erectile dysfunction conditions immediately. Depression, stress and anxiety are major psychological conditions of sexual diseases in guys so, let’s know more about it.

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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Psychological conditions of erectile dysfunction includes when anxiety, stress and depression affect your capability to achieve or sustain a harder erection. Over and over again, psychological erectile dysfunction brings troubles in maintaining good relationship. 

Today, psychological factors are the major reasons to cause erectile dysfunction among people and that has become around 20% to 30%. However, in other cases the psychological effects of ED problem is seen from sexual trauma or even as childhood abuse. The Fildena erection pills are available in much strength. They all contain Sildenafil which is similar to Cenforce 100 as they contain the chemical Sildenafil. The difference among these tablets is simple to comprehend.

On the other, the most common psychological factors of ED are:

  • Stress: The stress can occur due to many factors such as you may have stress because of job, money-related problems that also affect your marriage and creates problems with other factors.
  • Anxiety: When people have ED condition so, they will be worried about this. This way, they become part of performance anxiety and experience a tragedy of sexual failure that promotes impotence issues.
  • Feeling guilty: Men regret or feel very much guilty when they are unable to make their partners happy in terms of sex.
  • Depression: One of the most common factors of causing ED problem is depression that also impacts you physically and mentally. Depression affects people when men have no ability to have sex with partners.  
  • Low confidence: This problem happens because of earlier experiences of ED like feeling of lacking something or concerning about poor sexual performance.
  • Lack of interestThis issue occurs to persons when they start losing interest in sex that poorly affects on couples’ relationships.

How can be psychological erectile dysfunction diagnosed? 

Erectile dysfunction is one of most common as well as very serious health condition that causes in different ways with different factors. Thus, to diagnosis this problem, your healthcare experts will: 

  • Put some questions about sex related matters
  • Recommend for tests

At first, a physician will check the background of your proper medical records like any medicine you have been taking and health conditions that might add to your erectile dysfunction. 

Also, the doctors will ask about your appropriate sexual history, like past and existing partners along with, your erectile dysfunction experiences too. At the same time, your healthcare provides should know like when this ED problem initiated and over time how it got worse. Furthermore, they can ask some questions about your mental and health issues as well. 

After that, doctors can recommend for some general tests like evaluating your heart rate, checking your blood pressure level and examine a common analysis of your body. A physician also mentions test your penis and prostate level to make you sure that any clear physical causes of erectile dysfunction. This way, it assists to prohibit other conditions and diseases. 

The doctors also recommend you for blood tests to check that you have no any kind of heart conditions or diabetes, which can cause erectile dysfunction. The blood tests means to ensure testing your hormone levels. The hormone testosterone is also a major factor erectile dysfunction. 

In addition, some scans are also suggested to ensure the issues causes an erectile dysfunction. 

If everything comes normal in the tests then your doctor will diagnose erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors according to above questions they asked and also recommend you for medications to treat sexual disorder.

How do I find out if my erectile dysfunction caused by psychological conditions? 

The most important is to see a doctor to find out if your erectile dysfunction caused by various psychological factors or not. Your doctors recommend for some examinations to determine that your erectile structures are smoothly functioning and don’t have any sort of primary problems that causes an ED condition. Cenforce 200 is an effective medicine for the problem of impotence in men. This drug helps in getting a strong erection by increasing the blood circulation in the penis.

Common symptoms show your erectile dysfunction caused by psychological conditions such as: 

  • Getting usual erections when you are sleeping and wake up at morning.
  • Unexpected commencement of erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction appears and disappears suddenly.
  • High-stress 
  • Mental, health or relationship problems 

There are certain types of factors can cause erectile dysfunction like you may experience physical conditions or a basic condition bring worse by psychological factors, like anxiety and depression.  

How to cure psychological erectile dysfunction?

There are countless treatments and methods that can help treat erectile dysfunction. They are like: 

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy means that you have to visit a psychologist to inform about your mental health issues, erectile dysfunction, sexual issues, and then discuss the matters clearly.

Couples counseling: If you face difficulty in relationship issues that causes erectile dysfunction. The couples counseling will help you to prevent erectile dysfunction. Couples counselors recommend you for sexual therapies that couples.

Relaxation methods: Relaxation methods like mindfulness and sensate attention can assist individuals to deal with erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues.

Taking medicines: Some medicines are recommended by doctors to cure ED problems that also give relief from sexual disorders.

When to see a doctor?

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction condition, then do not miss to see a doctor. Sometimes not every erectile dysfunction caused psychological factors but it sometimes it is a symptom of other conditions that require fast and immediate therapy. Your doctor will help to relief the signs of ED like psychological condition and sex-associated issues. 

If you have an erectile dysfunction caused by psychological conditions then visits a doctor for treatment immediately.


The above all contents about psychological factors causes of erectile dysfunction can be treated easily just you need to take help of the right and certified physicians.

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