Equity Account Marketmuse Review {May} Is It A Scam?

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This blog on Equity Account Marketmuse Review will help the reader to get a better idea of Marketmuse.

What is Marketmuse? Why is it a hot topic? That’s what we are going to talk about in this blog. Marketmuse is an AI-driven website which focuses on providing content marketing and keyword planner tools. It was created by Jeff Coyle in the year 2013. The website is mostly used in the United States. It is used all over the world.

We will also talk about the Equity Account Marketmuse Review in this blog. We have some user reviews, so read the full blog to know more. 

About Reviews on Equity Account Marketmuse

If we talk about Marketmuse reviews, the reviews seem to be very positive.

“Fantastic for topic research and content optimisation”, a Marketmuse user named Victoria D said. And another user seems to be very happy with the website’s facilities at this price range. She says, “Increased ranking, better price point”. However, the above two topics are not related to each other, but as people search about them, we write about them.

Hence, we have informed you all about.

Overview of Market Muse as per Equity Account Marketmuse Review.

 Marketmuse helps your company build content strategies and increase content creation speed by using AI and machine learning. It uses existing web content and continuously improves its artificial intelligence. You can explore more uses in this website.

Further, we will share some updates regarding its features, the functioning of this website.

Features and plans 

The website offers three plans which include:

  • The free plan can only be accessed by only one user. You can ask 15 queries per month and can perform only 10 projects. 
  • Before going to Equity Account Marketmuse Review, let’s know the 600$ plan. The buyer can do unlimited projects and 100 queries per month. 
  • For the plan starting at $1,000, you can get an on-demand content audit for multiple domains and domain analysis, and up to 25 members can access your project.

The legitimacy of Equity Account Marketmuse

  • Registration: Marketmuse website was developed on 2008-03-22 with the domain name of marketmuse dot com. 
  • Registrar: The registrar of this website was found to be GoDaddy .com, LLC. 
  • Expiry date: The website was last updated on 2022-03-13, and the website will expire on 2023-03-12. The
  • Trust Score: Equity Account Marketmuse Review is legit, with a trust score of 86 percent. 
  • Social media: To check more about this website, we went to their official Facebook page. The Facebook page consisted of 5 on 5 ratings on the page confirm its legitimacy.
  • Reviews: When checked on some websites for reviews and legitimacy, the website seems to pass all the tests.


In this article, we have covered the Marketmuse website and tried to show its legitimacy, and it was found that it is legit based on its long life expectancy and a good trust score. Please visit this link to reach the Market Muse site.

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