Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam (March 2021) Is It True?

Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam 2021

Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam (March 2021) Is It True?-> In the news article you will get to know about the random loot boxes offered by the Epic. Read now!

Do you believe Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam?  Read this news to know the details! 

If you an online game lover surely you must be aware of Fortnite! It is one such game that is extremely popular in the United States.

Recently many people purchased random loot boxes, and the news just got popular that the 1000 V-Bucks are going to be added to the account in the recent coming days.

So let us proceed further and know more about it and its latest trending news.

What is the Epic Loot Box Settlement?

The most trending news is that the Epic Games will provide 1000 V-Bucks that is ever purchased as an in-game loot box named loot llama consisting of variable items.

The Epic Loot Box states that anyone who purchased a loot box will get the 1000 V-Buck which is an approximate $8, and it will automatically get deposited in their accounts within the next 2 to 3 days.

So let us get a clear idea about these random loot boxes and offers and whether it works or not. Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scamor it works for real?

Is it a Marketing Tactics or a Real One?

The Epic game estimates approximately 6.5 million online players, and additionally, the 2.9 million players of the Rocket League will get the automated currency payments. 

There has been a rough estimation above $78.3 million as an additional reward, which is a part of the compensation.

Although the actual cost offered by the Epic as a return reward will be much lower as claimed. So its not the exact amount one can expect automatically in the accounts.

That is why everyone wonders that is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam.

Whom will the settlement affect more?

According to the epic lovers, this settlement will affect mostly the US players. In this offered settlement, the Rocket League players have also bought the in-game items such as the event crates and keys to open the loot boxes in the game. 

The V-Bucks benefit will again rise upto 6.5 million players.

Also, it was currently stated that they stopped giving the random boxes like the Fortnite Loot or the Rocket League Crates as some of the players were quite disappointed that they could not receive any of the random items they were expecting.

How have online game lovers reacted to it?

There have been mixed reviews regarding the random loot boxes offered by the Fortnite game. 

So the people believed that it is the Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam, while others write that it can lead to the kids getting addicted to gambling at a very young age and can negatively influence the children.

Also, some people misrepresented some fake money received in return for real money.

Altogether the masses amuse about it and believe it to be a scam.

Do mention your thoughts regarding it in the comment box as it can be beneficial for the viewers to get a clear idea.

Bottom Line

Altogether, the random loot boxes offered by the Epic are exceptionally rumoured, and people believe that it is a complete exchange offer from real money to fake money. 

Also, most of the masses believe it to be an Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam.

Parents believe that it can lead to a bad influence on young children and initiate gambling altogether.

The offer is not taken positively and can be non-appreciated shortly.

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