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As a webcomic, Emmy La Robot H has received massive responses from readers in recent times. Read the blog and find the answer.

Comics are the real friends in our childhood days.

Many still remember the days when you desperately want to buy or read comics. It took us to an imaginary world. We can imagine the land and that it was totally a dream. 

You can’t find a single person who doesn’t like comics. At the present time, we have cartoons on the web. Now it is called “Webcomic”. 

Here we will discuss a very famous and popular webcomic. The comic has already gained its popularity among readers Worldwide

So, now we need to check the webcomic Emmy La Robot H.

Do You Know What Exactly the Web Comic is? 

Before the discussion, we should know what the webcomic is? 

On a short note, we can say it is just an online or internet version of the offline copy. People can read and check comics on the digital version. 

They can read the comic on any device like their laptop, mobile screen etc. Presently, the Emmy La Robot comic or webcomic is very popular in this digital world. 

Somehow, it changes the reader’s perspective and gives them a new enthusiasm for the comic. 

Do You Know about Emmy La Robot H

You really don’t know about this brand new webcomic. 

The name of the comic is “Emmy the Robot”. It was published on the “Webtoon”. It was so successful from its inception day. 

 The writer of the comic is Dominic Cellini. It is the story of a “Nanny.” The name of the nanny is Emmy.  

But there are some specialties of the nanny, and she is a robotic nanny. Many readers like to call her a “Nandroid” nanny. The comic story revolves around the nanny and her stories. 

Readers are curious about this nanny’s stories. 

Do you know the Real Factors of Emmy La Robot H

The robotic nanny has many features, and you can’t compare the parts with the real ones. But she has very different types of elements. 

The comic’s story is- a famous robotic company has developed a technologically advanced robot. Emmy can help the customers with household work. 

Actually, the main work of the nanny is to take care of the children of the owners. She performs many essential jobs for the children and the household. 

One day the “Delaire” family bought the nanny. Emmy came to the family house as a nanny of Delaire’s child. 

The story tells you how Emmy La Robot H manages all the work and deals with the family and children in this situation.

The story of this nanny gets an enormous response, and readers accept it very happily. 


Emmy’s nanny affair with the Delaire family got much attention. Many people are just waiting to know its next step. 

As a webcomic character Emmy has gotten a massive response among the readers. Her style, flow and momentum have attracted many people in recent times. So, many people want to attach to this webcomic and want to know the new adventure and stories of Emmy La Robot H

You can also check the link for a better understanding.  

Have you already read Emmy’s webcomic? Share your experience in the comment box. 

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