Emily Yang NFT {Nov} Introduced To Support Defi Movement

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This article describes a famous digital artist and her artistic works on non-fungible tokens to promote crypto and its applications. Read on Emily Yang NFT.

Are you interested in knowing about the popular digital arts created by a highly talented artist for supporting activities of the crypto community? If yes, read this article entirely to understand the valuable works of a famous artist who has proven her artistic skills multiple times.

Non-fungible token enthusiasts, art collectors and traders from the United States are waiting for an opportunity to get precious rare art collections that can be sold later for a higher value. Read more about Emily Yang NFT.

About Emily Yang

Emily Yang is a famous digital artist who has done incredible works for films such as Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman and Trek Beyond. She has also proved her artistic skills in Blizzard game cinematics and other commercials.

Her artistic style is highly influenced by traditional Chinese art, video games, animated films and Japanese art. Most of her art resembles each characteristic that makes the arts she creates more vibrant and meaningful. The credits she received from her works for major Hollywood films helped her establish her identity among the most significant digital artists

Emily Yang NFT

  • She was introduced into the crypto space in early 2020 by creating animations to support DeFi movements, promote and expand the NFT space.
  • She also designed the cover for Fortune magazine supporting crypto movements making her more popular among the crypto community.
  • She is currently focusing on crypto, NFTs and metaverse projects.
  • She also developed a platform pplpleasr to promote her artistic works as NFTs.
  • To make her work more compelling, she developed a customized toon shader inspired by the great art of Moebius.

Pplpleasr Website

  • Pplpleasr is Emily Yang’s official website developed to display Emily Yang NFT works to the art and crypto community.
  • The website also provides information about her official social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for her fans to follow her for upcoming artistic events and updates.
  • All the digital art created by Emily Yang is displayed on her website in a well-organized manner for art enthusiasts.
  • All her works are categorized according to the art theme to make it easy for the website visitors. 

Notable Works

  • Toon Shader arts are her most famous and iconic works. These works are considered to be her signature work by the crypto community. Read on Emily Yang NFT.
  • Toon Shader works include Night (2020), Does She (2020), Ethereal (2020), Extinction (2020), Cyberia (2020), Dreams (2020), At World’s End (2020) Young Gojira (2020) etc.
  • Her feature film works include art from Star Trek Beyond (2016), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Wonder Woman (2017).


Digital artists with exceptional talents are exploring various opportunities available in the NFT and crypto world to showcase their artistic skills. To know more about the topic as mentioned above, please do visit.

Have you found any interesting NFTs similar to Emily Yang NFT? If yes, please comment your insights about this topic below.

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