The Emerging Stars of the Crypto Market to Invest in 2022

Emerging Stars of the Crypto Market to Invest

The crypto market is booming in 2022, with respect to the number of cryptocurrencies. Despite the shaky values of crypto and the volatility of the market, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market that are catching the eyes of investors. There are some which have been more stable in the past and are preferred because of that.

Ripple to INR is a classic example of that. It has been a shaky start to the year but the good part is that there are many more able additions to the long list of cryptocurrencies. When you are investing, you need to look at the pros and cons of each crypto separately. Let us take a look at the newest cryptocurrencies on the block. 

Emerging stars of the crypto market

  1. Decentraland – This is another achievement of the Ethereum blockchain which is taking over crypto wallets everywhere. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, this is a virtual reality platform that uses the tokens MANA and LANA. There are many people who are benefitting greatly from this and they are content creators, businesses, and individuals looking to make a mark using their creativity. 
  2. LuckyBlock – This is built to refine the concept of gaming and lotteries in a way. You can pick the level of risk you wish to take and enter gaming contests. The payout is larger as it is less frequent. 
  3. SafeMoon – SafeMoon is a DeFi token that is a combination of RFI tokenomics as well as auto-liquidity generating protocol. The primary goal is to create an NFT exchange with charity projects and crypto educational apps. 
  4. AvalancheAvalanche is considered one of the top competitors for Ethereum. It is a custom blockchain network platform for decentralized apps. The aim of Avalanche is to reach a transaction output of 6500 transactions per second with the current architecture.
  5. Bitgert – It is making an impact in the Crypto market and emerging as a major cryptocurrency for investors to consider. It is built with a Bitgert chain and can process 100,000 transactions without any fee. It is said to be one of the fastest-growing ecosystems with multiple projects related to features like NFTs, DeFi, and so on. The scalability and the transaction fees are two of the major reasons why this is taking over crypto wallets steadily. 
  6. SeeSaw Protocol – This is a liquidity protocol that can be executed on any chain which supports smart contracts. Basically, it can be applicable on Ethereum, polygon, BNB smart chain, and so on. 
  7. King Cardano – This is called the king of tokens for a reason. This is the first auto-claim ADA token with the highest paying yields of up to 9%. If you have KADA tokens, you can get rewarded in ADA on every transaction. The fact that you don’t have to follow up and jump through hoops for your rewards is a big plus. 
  8. Binamon – For those who have wanted to earn through their passion for gaming, Binamon is the perfect opportunity. You have to cross levels by slaying monsters in a gaming metaverse. There are many games to pick from and Binamon is currently working on expanding its community. 
  9. Kasta – Kasta is the cryptocurrency used in the Kasta ecosystem. This ecosystem is a crypto payment platform that uses cryptocurrency Kasta as payment for when you use the services on this platform. 
  10. X2Y2 – X2Y2 was launched in 2022 to create a flow between many major crypto wallets. It was the next step in addressing the NFT wave that was taking over the globe. Essentially it was an NFT marketplace. It was curated to address the most popular NFT platform. 

Reasons to consider these cryptocurrencies

Although there are perfectly good cryptocurrency options in the market, these ones are making an impact and have been designed to develop solutions to problems. Most of these are concentrating on creating an ecosystem that will be powered by a particular cryptocurrency. If there is an ecosystem that supports cryptocurrencies and has a good model, then the investors are bound to get attracted. These cryptocurrencies have a long-term vision and when and if crypto is truly the future, then there is bound to be space for these. For example, Shiba to INR is gathering a lot of attention amongst crypto enthusiasts all around the world. 

Another reason to reconsider these is that they are solving issues that will arise when the volume of business increases exponentially. In the current scenario, they may seem to be a bit much, but about 5 years down the line the value of these will increase for sure. These are being pegged as the way to becoming a millionaire. Just like any crypto, these should be a small part of your diversified profile.

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