Elevenkicks Reviews (Nov) Is This Online Shop Legit?

Elevenkicks Reviews 2021

Elevenkicks Reviews (Nov) Is This Online Shop Legit? >> This article gives you information about a website and what people think of it, and its legitimacy.

Are you looking for the reviews of the ElevenKicks website? Are you having second doubts while ordering items on Elevenkicks? Well, now you don’t have to worry because, in this article, we will clear your doubts regarding the legitimacy and give you all the necessary information about the website. 

This article will also tell you the Elevenkicks Reviews recorded by the customer and what people Worldwide think about this website. So let’s find out. 

About ElevenKicks Website

ElevenKicks is an online shopping website which offers different type of shoes of different companies. If you like to collect some sports footwear, you can check some latest shoes on this website. 

You can find different company’s shoes like Adidas, Air Jordan, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Converse, Nike, Vans and much more famous Worldwide but Is ElevenKicks Legit? We will find out later in the article, so stick around and continue reading. The price ranges of these shoes are affordable as you can get the shoes from ElevenKicks at a discounted price.

 As per the website’s information, all the products are checked by the shipping company before dispatching them, and when you can also check the reviews of the footwear, you want to order along with the ratings. According to the company, there are categories of shoes, which make your search even easier as per the Elevenkicks Reviews


  • Official Website- https://www.elevenkicks.com/
  • Website created on:- 14-08-2020
  • Query address- elevenkicks70@gmail.com
  • Whatsapp Number for queries- +8615880309024
  • Categories of shoes- Adidas, Air Jordan, Vans, Converse, Nike, Balenciaga and many more.
  • Mode of Payment- PayPal, Internet banking, Debit/credit card.
  • Shipping policy- the company ships the product worldwide because of high demand, as mentioned on the website and it usually takes 3-5 days to get the item to reach your given address. 
  • You can check the images of the shoes from different angles before ordering your product. 
  • You can check Elevenkicks Reviews along with the product’s review on the website before ordering the shoes.  
  • Return Policy- To return the item, the item should be in its original form, and you should mention the reason for returning the product. 


  • The ElevenKicks Website offers different categories of shoes
  • All the products are available at a discounted price. 
  • You can track your order easily with the help of tracking orders. 


  • There are no reviews available about this website.
  • Very limited information is given on the internet about ElevenKicks. 

Is Elevenkicks Legit or not?

When we check about the legitimacy of this site, then our research team find out some facts about this website which will clear your doubt regarding the legitimacy of the website. 

  • The domain age of the Elevenkicks Website is eight months. It was created on 14-08-2020.
  • The trust score is only 5% which is not a promising score. 
  • There are no reviews given on the internet regarding this website.
  • When we check the product’s review, we found that the section is empty as there isn’t a single review mentioned on the website. 

With all the mentioned points, we can say that the site is suspicious and not trustworthy. 

Elevenkicks Reviews

When we check the internet for the reviews of this website, we find nothing related to this website. There are no reviews about the website mentioned on the internet. As the domain age is of just eight months and the trust score of just 5%, the site seems suspicious. 

When we check the official site for the reviews, then we found out that there are no reviews on the official site either. People are not interested in this site as people are not buying anything from this site. Though the site has an Instagram page and YouTube still, it seems that the Elevenkicks website is not trustable site.


Keeping Elevenkicks Reviews in consideration and with all the facts mentioned above, we can conclude that this website is not trustable and seems to be a scam website. So with the help of these points, we now know that the Elevenkicks website is a suspicious site, and people should avoid these sites to save their money. 

Still, if you want to order shoes from Elevenkick’s website, you can order them at your own risk. With the domain age and the trust score, it is hard to say that this site is trustworthy.

If you or any of your friends have ordered something from this website in the past, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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