Elden Ring Gamers Continue to Face Various Hacks and Issues

Elden Ring Gamers Continue to Face Various Hacks and Issues

Elder Ring players are experiencing a huge spike in hacking activity, with targeted players repeatedly dying in the game. Elder Ring is a relatively new game but is already considered one of the hardest games to play. It requires a lot of dedication and time to get through it. During the game, players can fight enemies and different bosses, but they are harshly punished if they die, which is why this sudden increase in hacking activities has made the gamers so mad. Other players can invade the game, an issue that has become especially problematic recently.

FromSoftware, a company behind Elden Ring, is famous for making highly challenging games with exciting characters and quests. Gaming community favorites like Dark Souls and Seriko: Shadows Die Twice are just two of the many games that have managed to gain huge popularity worldwide.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s latest release. It was co-created by the author of Game of Thrones books, George R.R. Martin, a master of creating captivating fantasy worlds.

While the game has been out for almost a month, and the majority of the fans seem to be loving the game, the recent uptick in hacking incidents has left a lot of fans unsatisfied. 

Unfortunately, some players find joy in ruining the experience for others instead of enjoying the carefully crafted landscapes, challenges, bosses, and enemies players can fight in the Elden Ring universe. 

We know from the players who got hacked that this particular exploit is fierce. It’s not just ruining the game for the players once. After the player has been hacked using this exploit, the game will first crash. Then, once the player tries to return to playing Elden Ring, they will find that they are continuously dying, unable to try and resume the game as they keep falling off the map. 

It was a Twitter user named EldenRingUpdate, who brought the attention of gamers to the issue. EldenRingUpdate alarmed the gaming community about an exploit on PC, where hackers can corrupt the player’s save file while the target is being invaded. 

A similar post was also made on the Elden Ring Subreddit. The game’s subreddit community pulled through, and they figured out a way to avoid getting killed repeatedly. According to the Reddit user, Draiganedig, if this happens to a player, they should not panic but instead should open up Elden Ring’s world map and go to a Site of Grace. The subreddit agrees that the best way to prevent such an attack is to back up your save file and avoid playing with others on a PC until there is an official solution from FromSoftware. 

Elden Ring is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.  You should be safe from the exploit if you are playing with a console. 

While this is an isolated incident and does not reflect people’s general experience while playing video games, it still brings up an issue of security and safety online.

Many gamers make the mistake of thinking that cyber security and safety are irrelevant when it comes to video games. In reality, no matter what you are doing online, you need an antivirus and a secure VPN to protect you from attacks like these. While there’s nothing for the hackers to gain from just watching you play online, they can exploit vulnerabilities like the ones in the case of Elden Rings to mess with you or try something more serious simply. 

If you are playing online and interacting with other users with no cyber protection, you are more vulnerable to hundreds of similar exploits within other video games. Having a VPN and connecting to a server every time you go online will grant you anonymity and save you from targeted hackings and annoyances that come with it – not to mention the serious threats that could harm your device. 

Elden Ring is the kind of game people enjoy playing online since they can help each other progress, share their own experiences, and tell other players how they overcame the challenges within the game. It’s half of Elden Ring’s charm that you get to interact with other gamers and improve with the help of your community. This makes this incident especially unfortunate, but we can only hope that FromSoftware manages to solve the issue easily. 

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