8 Upcoming Educational Games You Don’t Want to Miss in 2022

8 Upcoming Educational Games You Don’t Want to Miss in 2022

The remaining months of 2022 have some promising releases to offer, including many exciting educational games. Play, have fun, and learn at the same time. You won’t be short of games! Here are notable releases to look forward to. 

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1 – WW2 Rebuilder

WW2 Rebuilder

Release Date: September 2022

History lessons become much more memorable if you learn them through unique immersive storytelling. This is exactly what WW2 Rebuilder offers. The game allows you to build, renovate, and repair buildings in the aftermath of the Second World War while learning history at the same time. 

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2 – RoboCo


Release Date: Q4 2022

If you’re interested in robotics, take a look at this sandbox game. You can be creative and design any robot you can only think of! The game provides a wide range of parts that you can mix and match in any way imaginable. 

Once your robot is built, have fun testing it in some realistic scenarios. The huge advantage of the game is open-ended challenges. Your engineering ideas are not limited. You can do anything as long as it solves a particular problem. You can even use Python to automate your robots and be even more effective in solving challenges.

3 – Insect Worlds

Insect Worlds

Release Date: October 2022

Insect Worlds is an exciting educational game for nature lovers. It offers science-based gameplay where you control various insects in an open world. You can explore deserts, forests, and urban environments to learn more about them and their way of life. 

The game offers various mini-challenges, including racing, fighting, and overcoming obstacles. As you play, you also learn more about insects. Their images are professionally scanned and thus are true to life. You also get information about their types, life stages, behavior, and much more. This is a fascinating way to learn biology through adventure and simulation. 

4 – The Great Ocean

The Great Ocean

Release Date: October 2022

Are you up for an ocean adventure? The Great Ocean has one for you. The game invites you to join the crew of a cutting-edge submarine and explore the wonders of the ocean with its fascinating wildlife. 

The Great Ocean offers diverse environments—from the Arctic icebergs to the Galapagos in the Pacific Ocean. You’ll get to see various marine creatures, sunken ships, and coral reefs. The game also raises awareness about the human impact on the environment and urges you to learn more about ocean life and nature conservation through exciting gameplay

5 – QuantumVR


Release Date: December 2022

QuantumVR leverages the enormous potential of VR in education to create an interesting educational simulator. The game allows you to work on your logic and physics skills in an immersive VR environment of a futuristic lab.

You learn to solve quantum algorithms in an easy and interactive way. By completing every puzzle, you free an animal. The game has many complexity levels. So it will be pleasantly challenging for beginners and advanced users alike. 

QuantumVR is the development of the Institute of Technology of Braunschweig as part of the learning and research initiative “Quantum Aktiv.”

6 – Electrician Simulator

Electrician Simulator

Release Date: September 2022

Another educational singleplayer to anticipate this fall is Electrician Simulator. This is a perfect study tool if you want to learn the fundamentals of electricity. The game offers you tasks where you need to fix broken electronics like speakers, remote controls, plugs, etc. 

By taking the role of an electrician in-game, you familiarize yourself with the insides of the gadgets we use every day. The game shows you how to assemble or disassemble them and see how different parts work. The simulator allows you to work on your problem-solving skills as you complete the tasks. 

7 – Craftomation 101: Programming & Craft

Craftomation 101 Programming & Craft

Release Date: 2022

Practice your programming skills to turn a frozen, uninhabited planet into terraform. Craftomation 101 is another game on our list developed for those who like a good challenge designing robots. 

The game includes visual programming elements for you to craft robots to perform tasks like planting and harvesting. Your goal is to create a sustainable workforce. You can also assemble and upgrade your creations by using various collectibles. Craftomation 101 seems to become an addicting game with its simple but engaging storytelling and a programming feature.

8 – Pure Logic

Pure Logic

Release Date: Q3 2022

Another game with educational value on our list is Pure Logic. This minimalistic puzzle game introduces you to logic gate symbols and the Boolean functions. If you’re interested in computer programming, this is a real gem!

Pure Logic has over 200 unique puzzles that invite you to figure out signals in logic gates. The game is great for problem-solving and exercising your deductive reasoning skills. 

The game might seem complicated if you aren’t familiar with logic symbols. But don’t worry. A quick in-game training is enough to learn the rules and start playing. 

The Bottom Line

After a traditionally quiet summer season, the rest of 2022 has some interesting game releases to keep an eye on. Save these eight games to your wishlist if you’re interested in quality entertainment. Happy gaming! 

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