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To all the video gaming fans, read this article about Edition Horizon Forbidden West Special to know the recent gaming updates.

Are you a video game fan? If yes, then you might have heard the details for Horizon Forbidden. But why is the game at sudden hype? What are the new updates for this game?

In the article today, we will be discussing the details for Horizon Forbidden, exploring the reason behind its hype worldwide. The game has recently announced its launch on 18th February, gaining mass attention.

Explore down the article for Edition Horizon Forbidden West Specialrevealing what new it has to offer!

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What is Horizon Forbidden West?

Before we start with the details of this game, we will want to inform the basis for this to our readers first. This will help them with clarified details. This game invites Aloy to join her encounter with the forbidden west, a majestic yet dangerous plot with multiple twists related to new threats.

This game will allow players to explore a new world filled with inspiring machines, distant lands, bigger fights, and new tribes.

What are the features of this game?

Please find out the features for Edition Horizon Forbidden West Special to know what you will have to explore in its new edition.

  • This game is designed with large open lands, rich cultures, new enemies, and multiple attractive yet striking features.
  • The game will take you through lush forests, towering mountains, sunken cities, providing the experience for American wars.
  • Every time players need to go through new and exciting dangers to become a winner-warrior.
  • Reveal all the secrets behind earth’s sudden collapse, going through a hidden ancient past chapter.

Horizon Forbidden West has already been in the favorites for many players, and its special edition is also creating a buzz before the release itself.

Edition Horizon Forbidden West Special:

All the Horizon fans already might have heard about the standard version details of this game. The release is already announced for 18th February 2022, and the same will be ideal for PS$ and PS5.

Adding to the surprises, the game is also releasing its special version that will cost $10 more than the standard ones. This special edition will have an additional mini art book, steel bookcase, Nora legacy spear, outfit, and digital soundtrack.

What Are the Benefits of This Version?

Apart from its price and other details, Edition Horizon Forbidden West Special also includes a voucher code to help players redeem the digital bonuses for the pre-orders. In addition, this edition also comes with a free-upgrade for PS5, available at Walmart for only $69.99.

Final Verdict:

Horizon Forbidden is a huge space-designed game that will take players through a vast journey filled with new threats, dangers, and machines. This game has recently announced the details for its standard version for PS4 and PS5, also announcing a special edition.

Check out the Pricing Details for Special Edition to be aware of all the facts.

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