Edifier Hecate Gx07 Price in India (Nov) Check Here!

Edifier Hecate Gx07 Price in India (Aug) Check Here!

Edifier Hecate Gx07 Price in India (Nov) Check Here! >> The guide shares the specs and pricing of the newly launched advanced gaming headphone for global gamers.

Gamers know the significance of gaming headphone as it plays an important role in enhancing the gaming experience. So if you want to add an accessory to your gaming station, then without a second thought, invest in Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless headphones. 

Edifier Hecate gx07 is the newly launched wireless gaming headphone with many unique and advanced features. The wireless gaming headphone allows gaming in any environment thanks to the active noise cancellation with low latency ANC. 

But, what is the Edifier Hecate gx07 Price in India? The headphone is available for Worldwide delivery, but we are discussing the price in India. 

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What is Edifier Hecate gx07?

Edifier Hecate gx07 is the all-new, advanced gaming wireless headphone designed with science fiction and amazing styles. The headphone comes in a case having double door style that resembles supercars. 

The headphone sports double RGB lighting strips to optimize the overall brightness level. Moreover, the light strips also give the headphone a premium look. Its patented game series inspires the e-sport design of the headset.

Because of such high-end features, people believe that Edifier Hecate gx07 Price in India would be too high. The headphone has attracted the Worldwide gaming community, and everyone wants to know its specs and pricing.

What are the Prime Highlights of Edifier Hecate gx07?

  • The headphone case opens and splits into two parts because of the dual door design that resembles a supercar.
  • The RGB lighting strip gives the headphone a premium look, and it blinks when turned on.
  • The battery is long-lasting as it lasts for 26 hours with a single charge in basic mode and 20hours when used with ANC. Because of such premium features, the Edifier Hecate gx07 Price in India is high than traditional gaming headphones. 
  • The headphone uses advanced technology for active noise cancellation and allows gamers to have an immersive gaming experience even in a noisy environment. 
  • The headset comes with seven sonic modes that gamers can adjust as per the gaming ambience. 
  • The headphone chooses the desired sounding effects according to the gamer preferences.
  • The dual built-in MIC senses the external and internal noise and provides clear and crisp sound effects to the ear canal.
  • It uses the latest Bluetooth V5.0 to connect with gaming consoles and devices. 

What is the Edifier Hecate gx07 Price in India?

After evaluating, we have found that the Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless earbud is available on multiple ecommerce websites. The price of the headphone varies on different upon the portal you are buying from.

The headphone’s actual price is $79.99, and with proper research, one can buy it at $45.99 with a discount of up to 43%. Moreover, some of the ecommerce websites are selling wireless gaming headphones at RM449 after a discount of 35%. However, no Indian commerce website is offering the headphone, and hence customers have to buy them from global ecommerce websites.    


Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless headphone is here to enhance your gaming experience. Compared to other high-end headphones, the Edifier Hecate gx07 Price in India is very affordable. Moreover, it comes with many advanced designs and features that justify the price of the Bluetooth Headset. 

What gaming headphones are you using? Would you mind mentioning it in the comment box below? 

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