Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask (Feb 2021) Scroll For Facts!

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask 2021 TV

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask (Feb 2021) Scroll For Facts! >> This article will inform you about an interesting character, and also some of its unrevealed facts.

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask has been trending in the United States and the United Kingdom

So, without any further delay, in this article, we will explain to you what character is and how you can also become a champion of it.

Ectoplasm’s Appearance:

He’s a tall and thin-looking man with completely blank eyes slant inwards. He is a veteran of war and lost his leg in the line of duty; because of this unfortunate event, he wears replacement prosthetics. When in his uniform, he carries a pair of oversized glasses.

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask Costume:

His costume comprises a tan cloak covering most of his body; above the torso, he sports a high collar, similar to a double-breasted trench coat. 

Under this, he carries a skin-tight black bodysuit along with a golden striped neck and a resembling black helmet that covers his entire head. He wears a jaw guard over his nose and jaw and a circular muffler to protect his face.

He also sports baggy dark grey pants and a pair of lightweight prosthetic legs.

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask Personality:

His determined and unrelenting personality has helped him to rise to this fame.

As a school teacher, he desired the best for his students and wasn’t afraid to push them ahead of their limits. 

He proved this when he openly challenged Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui. He would try his best to crush them during final exams, as he was searching for students who would even perform and shine under a tense situation. 

Ectoplasm Abilities:

He is more robust and better than most of the fellow Pro-heroes. Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask is phenomenal at close combats, despite not having his legs anymore. His fighting style includes a majority of kicks in close combat range. 

He was chosen to face Fumikage during the first term final exam’s practical portion. Moreover, he is also knowledgeable and can analyze peculiar behavior to improve his students.

Ectoplasm Super Moves:

He shoots ectoplasm from his mouth and transforms them into a giant clone of himself. The massive Ectoplasm clone overwhelms and traps the enemy with a huge bite. He discovered this move when he used this during the final exams.

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask Quirk:

His Quirk gives him the ability to produce various ectoplasm from his mouth and transform it into many clones. He is capable of producing as many as thirty clones of himself at once. On a good day, he might even be able to create thirty-six clones of himself. 

He can produce a giant clone of himself, but that hampers his ability to create medium-sized clones. His clones can only be defeated with a decisive blow; otherwise, he can only finish them.

Final Verdict

Ectoplasm Mha Without Mask looks like he has a full denture over the skin and looks similar to Juzo Honenuki. 

The character looks fantastic and is enjoyed by kids.

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