Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident {July} Refer Incident!

Latest News Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident

Another bus accident happened in the Philippines. Please read the full article on the Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident to know in detail.

Do you know that accident rates around the world are increasing day by day? Have you heard about the recent accident news? If not, then go through the article. An accident is an accident, whether it is deadly or not. Yesterday in the Philippines, a bus almost hit the passengers who were waiting at the bus terminal. 

Common people are not safe anywhere, whether on a road or a bus terminal. What do you think whose fault is in the Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident

What exactly happened yesterday?

On Tuesday afternoon, at around 12:30 p.m, in Barangay Calindagan, some passengers were sitting at the Ceres bus terminal. All of a sudden, a bus came, and it hit the passengers. According to the Dumaguete City Police Station, 43-year-old Joebie J. Lajot was driving the bus. He is from Santa Catalina, a municipality in Negros Oriental. While parking the bus in the Ceres bus terminal, Joebie suddenly moved the bus faster and hit the passengers who were sitting in the bus terminal. 

Did anyone get hurt in the Ceres Bus Terminal Accident?

Dumaguete City Police Station reported that three minors got injured in this accident and were immediately admitted to the nearby hospital. Police identified the three victims. The first victim is a class eight student named Haiden B. Silab, who is just fourteen years old. The second victim is a seven-year-old boy named John Caleb Silab. And the third victim is a sixth-grade student named Zim Tyler B. Silab, who is only twelve years old. These three minors were also there with the other passengers. They are from Minglanilla, Cebu. After the Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident, rescuers immediately responded, pulled out all the victims, and admitted the kids to a nearby hospital. Though the seriousness of their injuries is still unknown, we pray for their soonest recovery. 

The whole incident was captured in CCTV footage and went viral on social media. Dumaguete City Police are still working on the case, and we hope soon they will reveal more information about this accident. Police had already arrested the bus driver, and they brought him to the police station for further investigation. 

What did the city police of Dumaguete say after the Ceres Bus Terminal Accident

The city police chief, Lt. Col. Joeson Parallag, said that he filed proper charges against the bus driver, and Joebie would get punishment for the crime. Joeson also told the Philippine News Agency that he had already directed his private investigators to find out every detail of the incident and would do his best. The bus driver told investigators that it worked the first time he stepped on the brake. But the next time, it didn’t work. 


We hope that the police of Dumaguete will solve the case very soon. And we also pray for the soonest recovery of those three minors who got injured in the Dumaguete Ceres Terminal Accident. By clicking the link, you will get to know about the bus accidents in the Philippines-. 

Have you witnessed such an accident before? Please comment below. 

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