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Dr Mark Franck Daughter (Aug 2021) Check Whole Story! >> If you want to know that Know an engagement party mocked and broke Covid compliances, read this article till the end.

Have you heard about the recent engagement party breaking lockdown rules?

We are here with the most talked about topic of the world right now.

This article will talk about an engagement party that has left everyone in shock, and right now, it is the most heated topic Worldwide.

It spread like wildfire overnight because it was the most celebrated cancer specialist & a psychologist’s daughter.

So what did Dr Mark Franck Daughter do? Read more to know more about it.

What is the issue all about?

We all know how much this pandemic has affected the world, and to some extent, people & governments of some countries are still dealing with the pandemic and its compliances.

Recently, an issue got into the limelight, and that was an engagement party throw by the most celebrated cancer specialist’s daughter. 

It was an event thrown out in the middle of lockdown when people from the country were still coping with the situation. Michal Franck, the Dr Mark Franck Daughter, and Yoni Rubin, son of Kalman Rubin, were the couples engaged in that party which was illegal as per the sources as the party was happening during the lockdown restrictions. 

The party became a superspreader as people present in the party are getting covid positive, and as of now, a total of 6 people have tested positive. All this came into the limelight when the party’s video packed with the guests went viral on social media, and people started talking about it. 

Although, the cancer specialist and the concerned families have nothing to say about it. Read this piece of news titled.

What happened after the party of Dr Mark Franck Daughter?

As soon as the engagement party video went viral, the concerned families and the young couple started getting abusive comments and hatred across social media. People even commented on them for their selfishness. St. Kilda Rabbi Ronnie Figdor also commented that the families should know the consequences better than anyone else, and now the whole community is disappointed and upset.

The Australian Health practitioner regulation authority came to action and started a deep investigation of the issue with the power of canceling licenses of ignorant doctors. Stay on this Dr Mark Franck Daughter news page for more updates on the issue.

Final verdict

Dr. Franck and his better half Chana, a professional photographer, can be seen clearly with approximately 70 guests in the footage rolling around the social media platforms. The video also holds the record of guests mocking the covid and its compliance.

Dr. Franck was also seen leaning against the wall, to which now the police authority has made their way to find $5000 to each guest, which would sum up to around $350000. So let’s see Dr Mark Franck Daughter for more updates regarding the mishappenings done by the prominent citizen of Australia.

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