Does Usps Send Text Messages {April} Read To Know!

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Does Usps Send Text Messages >> Do the messages from USPS are becoming a cause of the trouble? Is the message fake? Read the article to get answers to all the questions.

Does Usps Send Text Messages – This question is raised by the United States people who are receiving text messages from the postal service. We thought of clarifying your doubt by sharing the latest update given by USPS postal service in our today’s article.

We came across many text messages that often try to mislead us. It’s essential to get rid of the scams that occur because of fishy stuff. Let’s know what the message is all about.

What is the message?

Jimmy Richardson has received a message from the US postal service related to the package’s delivery. He got this message four times, asking him to follow the link and fill your personal details to get the package. This compels him to think, Does Usps Send Text Messages?

Later, on visiting the USPS fraud investigators, he filed a complaint against the scam messages spreading among all the people.

What’s the purpose of the message?

The scam text messages usually pretend to be from a trustworthy source so that people get ready to share their personal details with them, which includes –

  • Your credit card details 
  • Passwords
  • Convincing you to download malware apps and software that brings viruses to the device.

These phishing schemes are laid down by the scammers who want to grab your money in one or the other way.

Does Usps Send Text Messages – Is it true?

Trusting the postal services, USPS has justified that no such delivery-related messages are sent to the customers. It is a special service that is provided only if anyone has previously informed USPS about it. The statement given by the postal service department of the US is a warning for all those who are getting the package delivery texts.

How to identify if the message is from USPS?

We have explored some tips and tricks for you that can help out identify phishing messages. In the future, if any such scam occurs, you don’t need to put the question Does Usps Send Text Messages?

  • In case the message received by you ask you to follow any link or download the documents, then it’s a scam.
  • The other way to judge the scam text is to check if the text message asks you to refill and reconfirm your financial details.
  • Moreover, if the message compels you to take immediate action, it’s for sure a fraudulent source is creating a trap for you.

If any of the three conditions are raised, then be sure USPS does not send the message.


Considering all the facts, we have answered the question Does Usps Send Text Messages? USPS is one of the trusted postal services, so scammers use it as a fake source to mislead people. We advise you all, if any such text messages appear on the screen, then delete them. 

 Please report about the scam messages to the investigators so that no one of us gets falls into their trap.

Have you also received some other text messages which demand your financial details? Please share your views in the comment box.

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