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Latest News Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees

The article Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees explains about the renowned eco- search engine Ecosia’s motive and working process.

Are you a dendrophile person who loves nature and trees? Have you ever thought of saving trees by just sitting on your couch?

Yes, you can do it using a search engine. a search engine that plants trees in response to each search. They have been doing many reforestation activities, especially in the Philippines, on a large scale. Here is the news article which answers the question Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees

Do They Really Plant Trees?

Even though they have gained the support of the people, some critics suspect their legitimacy. Some people thought ecosia was a scam. But that is not the truth. Ecosia is a legit website platform that works on its reforestation-themed business model.

Here are some proofs provided by the Ecosia team to prove its legitimacy.

  • The yearly report shows every reforestation activity carried out by Ecosia in various countries.
  • They have planted 60 million trees around the world so far.
  • They have the documents for every search and know how the money was used to plant the trees.

Read the article Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees to know more about it.

What Is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a Berlin-based search engine that allows people to contribute to planting trees. Ecosia acts as an eco-search engine. It was founded in 2009 by Christians, and the main goal of this site is to avoid the problems that deforestation is causing around the world, restoration of biodiversities etc. Microsoft Bing powers Ecosia searches.

They contribute their 80 % profit to the environment by planting trees across the globe. Now it has become Germany’s first B Corporation. This business model has attracted many people, NGOs, and organizations.

True Face: Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees?

 Above points answers question do they really plant trees? They plant the trees, but they also conserve and restore the biodiversity hotspots, making for a good environment. They have also started solar panel installations by replacing high pollution-causing fuel electric power generation systems. 

Ecosia spends 100 per cent of its money on the environment, with at least 80 per cent going to reforestation activities. The Ecosia platform works on renewable energy. Yes, even for working purposes, they use eco-friendly products. People’s searches are powered by solar panels, not by coal.

How does it work?

People are curious to know how Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees. It is as simple as using the Google platform: we search for the information we need in the Ecosia search engine.

If we search for any ads, it will boost their income. And users can also see the total number of searches done so far. For every 45 searches, ecosia donates its money to plant trees and other environment-saving activities. Your searches are turning into plants through ecosia .

Why should we go for ecosia ?

Here are the reasons,

  • Transparent process
  • Publishing of monthly or yearly reports
  • Strict privacy policies
  • Guaranteed eco-friendly searches.


Thus, the above article explains Does Ecosia Really Plant Trees across the globe. We wouldn’t spot any difference from another top-most search engine. But ecosia gives a sense of satisfaction while searching. 

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