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Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle {Aug 2022} Facts!

The below news article has facts and details about the trendy rumor Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle is removed.

Do you also love the dreamy stories of Disney and their princesses and want to live that for once in your life? Are you also sad and shocked by the news circulating in the United States through TikTok and Instagram?  

Disney’s highest Cinderella Castle is the happiest place to visit for all Disney lovers. But recently, after a rumour circulated on the internet people have been seeking information for a shocking reason. Do you want to know about the Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle rumour? Let’s read this article further, then. 

What Is This Rumour Trending?

On 2022 August 22, a rumour trapped the internet, and people started sharing it on every possible platform. This news source was a well-published article from a news website, Mouse trap news. This news article website has published a full-fledged article stating that the Cinderella Castle of Walt Disney is getting shut down. 

People shared this article and related videos of this news widely on TikTok and Instagram. The footage looks so real that people started panicking and sharing it on the internet with the caption Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle will get shut. After some days of this news getting viral, the new website revealed that they are known for “fake news about Disneyland”. 

Yes! It is a professional website that publishes fake news and videos exclusively about Disneyland. What is the reason for it? Get some laughs and reactions out of the people. That’s it. The people took a sigh of relief after getting to know about this fact. Their TikTok and Instagram Bio started the same. This website is known for its satirical news and videos. 

More About Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle- 

Disneyland Cinderella Castle is one of the castles in Disneyland. It is the tallest and the most unique building in Disneyland. Though it is approximately 189 feet tall, its interiors are not that big and spacious. But its beauty is immense and mesmerizing. One can get the full story carved on the wall with six carved paintings. 

This castle was built within 18 months and completed in 1971. No wonder why people call this place a fantasyland. It has a royal table that serves royal food to visitors. The main attraction is that during the meal courses in Disney World Walt Cinderella Castlewhich are breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cinderella princesses dance around the table to give more real vibes of the Cinderella tale. 

Visitors come across the continent to visit these palaces. But something is getting viral on the internet that is giving future and former visitors a bit of a tense vibe. People are sharing and receiving this news, getting worried and gaga over it.


This news is a sample of things that the internet is a funny place. And it’s an example of how people connect with the same interests, likes and dislikes. Though Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle is a rumour and people get shocked, this made them laugh afterwards. It was a worthy prank in that way. 

Have you come across this news or the viral video? What were your reactions after receiving the information? Let us know in the comment box. For more information about this funny rumour, please click here.

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