Disgaea Rpg Serial Code (Apr 2021) Find The Details!

Disgaea Rpg Serial Code 2021

Disgaea Rpg Serial Code (Apr 2021) Find The Details! >> The write-up exclusively shares how players can enjoy the code and character tier list of the video game.

Are you aware of playing Disgaea RPG? The popular video game series is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Disgaea RPG is the series of Disgaea, and the new series launched in 2019. It comes under the genre of Role-playing game, and it is available in single-player mode. 

The video game lovers of the United States are eager to know more about the new series. They can read Disgaea Rpg Serial Code news for a better understanding. 

Table of Contents

Knowing the game Disgaea RPG

The popular publisher Nippon Ichi Software launched the new release of the Disgaea series in 2019, known as Disgaea RPG. The series is made available for iOS and Android platforms. 

The new series is now available with a free series code. The developer has announced that the game will now be available in the English version from April 13, 2021. 

The developer of the English Version of the game is Boltrend Games. However, payers are yet to get character tiers in the new version. Players can find Disgaea Rpg Tier List on the JP version and verify which tiers are worth financing. 

What do players know about serial code for Disgaea RPG?

While playing the game, the team will share a serial code. You need to follow the team on the social media page so that you don’t miss the serial codes

New players of the United States need to claim the serial codes before April ends. Most of the time, the team share the codes on the Facebook page. These codes include 200 free Nether Quartz and 3 Gate keys.

Steps to follow to claim Disgaea Rpg Serial Code

The serial codes of Disgaea RPG will make the differences in the game. The payers need to follow the task below to claim serial code. 

  • At first, players need to click on the Menu
  • Select Other and choose the serial code
  • Claim the goodies you earn in the mailbox and enjoy the game.

What do you understand by tier list of Disgaea RPG

The English version of Disgaea RPG has made this game quite strong, and players search for a character tier list. Originally the tier list is based on the JP version. 

The English version of Disgaea RPG is yet to get a tier list. Based on the JP version, the Disgaea Rpg Tier List can figure our principal characters of the tier.

Character Tier List

The characters are divided into the below-mentioned tier. 

Under S tire:- Desco, Laharl, and Valvatorez

Under A tier:- Fenrich, Christ, Fuka, Usalia, Emizel, Mao, Sicily, and Dark Santa Laharl.

Under B Tier:- Flonne, Etna. Adell, Rozalin, Raspberyl, Artina, Axel, Killia, Zeroken and Seraphina.

What do players think about Disgaea RPG?

Online video game lovers have mentioned that this game fits perfectly on smartphone. Many have expressed that they have found the game extremely interesting and enjoyable. 

However, some players have complained about the loading issues while playing the game. 

Wrap up

The new version of Disgaea become popular worldwide. Players can opt for the Disgaea RPG code to enjoy the game.

Have you claimed Disgaea Rpg Serial CodePlease share your experience in the box below.

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