Discarded Masks Pollution (March) Valuable Information!

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Discarded Masks Pollution (March) Valuable Information! >> Please read this article it gives you all the necessary information about controlling pollution and the methods too. 

Are you here to find out what happened to the Discarded Masks Pollution? Are you experiencing mask pollution in your nearby beaches and riverbanks? Do you want to know how you can discard the face masks properly? 

This article will clear your doubts as we will tell you how you can discard the face mask after use and save our environment. Countries like the United States, Hong Kong, and many more faces this problem. So let’s know about this topic in detail.

Why should face mask pollution be a concern?

In 2020, when the coronavirus was at its peak, our only safe measures to fight this virus are hand sanitizers and face masks—around 1.56 billion face masks found in the oceans, which causes Discarded Masks Pollution

The masks are made up of microplastic and take upto 450 years to break down and degrade entirely. Now there are many types of masks available in the market, but the one-time-use face masks are usually found in the oceans as people dump their face masks after use. 

This mask pollution makes the ocean water unhealthy and puts the life of the aquatic being at risk. If not taken care of properly, it can harm human lives too. So we should bring face mask pollution into the limelight so that everyone should take this problem seriously and take the necessary steps to fix it. 

How face mask pollution affect the animal’s life?

Due to Discarded Masks Pollution, the oceans and rivers are getting polluted. Aquatic animals consumed these plastic-made face masks, which is harmful to their health. The chemical contained in masked or contaminated facial masks is the primary cause of the environment’s threat. 

At the time of degradation, these masks release a toxic substance that polluted the water and the land. The face masks are necessary for the human being to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, but it also negatively impacts the environment. To reduce the impact, we should dump the mask correctly and save our environment and animal’s lives. 

How to reduce Discarded Masks Pollution?

According to a report, around 129 billion masks are used in a single day. These discarded masks polluted the ocean’s waters and the beaches of the United States and many other countries. So to reduce the mask pollution, keep these points in mind.

  • Use cloth mask instead of masks which is made by plastic. 
  • Don’t throw the masks on the roads or nearby the beaches or rivers. 
  • Dump the used mask in the garbage bin or the roadside bins. 
  • Contaminated masks are disposed of in different bins. 


With the given information and facts, we know the reason for Discarded Masks Pollution and how we can control it. With the given step mentioned above, we can save the oceans and environment and make it clear and clean again. 

If you know, have any other idea or method to control the face mask pollution, then share us in the comment section.

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