Decko Wordle {May} Wordle 325: Get The Correct Answer!

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This write-up helps you learn the meaning and hints to find the correct wordle for 325, as with the Decko Wordle.

Are you a wordle solver? Are you solving all wordless correctly? What if you are confused with some word and solve your puzzle with some similar word, but that will have a completely different meaning or be meaningless!

Many Worldwide wordle puzzle players also suffer from the same situation while solving wordle 325. Many players have filled the correct answer as they continuously update their wordle vocabulary, and many are confused between the glitch that occurred for wordle 325 and with Decko Wordle. Scroll down to get the correct answer for 10th May wordle.

Is Decko a correct answer for wordle 325, i.e., 10th May Wordle?

As per hints provided by the wordle game, the correct answer is GECKO. This word mainly refers to a highly vocal lizard with adhesive pads on the feet. Our research also analyzed that many are looking at it as a new version being updated by the wordle. 

But, it is not a new version. This is only a misspelled word for the 10th May wordle. And, players who are not updated with the wordle vocabulary get confused with these familiar words. 

What Does Decko Mean?

We cannot say that Decko is a meaningless word. It has a meaning. This word means “a glance”, “a look”, “view”, or “a peek.” These are some different but similar meanings for this word. 

What are the hints to find the correct solution for wordle 325?

  • Today’s word has 2 vowels. 
  • Both the vowels used are different. 
  • They should come in 2nd and last place. 
  • No letter is repeated in the word. 
  • The end vowel letter is “O.”
  • Major clue: it is other word used for the wall lizard. 

Hopefully, the above hints are helpful for the wordle players to know that the correct answer for the 10th May wordle is GECKO and not the DECKO. 

What glitch occurred in 325 wordle in Decko Wordle?

Many players have filled the answer BUTCH, and the wordle has shown that also correct. But, this occurred due to a technical glitch, as per the company’s statement as well. The company also stated that they were revamping their wordle technology, and hence this glitch might have occurred. 

The meaning of BUTCH is qualities seen in males. But, hence as per the meaning and letter hints, this cannot be considered the right answer. The main reason is that the meaning is inappropriate, and the last letter should be “O.” Hence, this is correct only due to a glitch.

Why is this news trending?

Many players want to know, What Does Decko Mean! This is because they are confused with the words like GECKO and DECKO. Both seem like rhyming words. But if the players get clear with the hints, they can easily guess the correct answer for wordle 325.


Based on our internet research, we can say that many wordle puzzle players get confused with the similar or the rhyming words. This happened because these are not the common words, and gamers are not well aware of the meanings. 

Therefore, they find it difficult to guess the correct answer while playing the wordle puzzle game. Have you also got confused with GECKO and Decko Wordle? Please comment. Further click here to know more about wordle 325 answer

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