Deal Melee Damage Fortnite (Feb) Find About The Quest

Deal Melee Damage Fortnite 2021

Deal Melee Damage Fortnite (Feb) Find About The Quest -> Get to know about an exciting challenge that Fortnite players need to win to gain XP.

Are you a big fan of the world-famous game Fortnite? Deal Melee Damage Fortnite is gaining a lot of traction among gamers. 

As Fortnite is among the most famous video games in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, every news related to the game becomes instantly popular. 

If you’re curious to find out about this quest, then continue reading as we shed more light on it. 

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About Fortnite

The cross-platform game is from Epic Games. It was initially released in 2017. The game was designed by Darren Snugg. Players can indulge in exciting gaming on various platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, etc. 

Now let’s discuss the trending topic of Deal Melee Damage Fortnite

About Deal Melee Damage

Before we discuss what this quest is all about. Let’s take a look at Deal Melee damage. Melee weapons are widely used in Battle Royale for combat. 

As per the challenge, players are required to deal a total of three hundred melee damage. Those who are able to do so can complete the challenge, while others may end up losing it. The challenge is part of season 5, week 10 challenges.

Things to know about Deal Melee Damage Fortnite:

  • As per the challenge rules, gamers need to deal at least three hundred points.
  • Those who manage to complete the quest can win 20,000 XP that can boost the overall gameplay. 
  • Melee damage involves intense close-up combat moves.
  • Gamers can use Melee weapons to deal damage.
  • Unlike other weapons, Melee weapons do not shoot but involve swinging motion. 
  • Melee weapons do not require ammo.
  • The challenge involves 300 points. 
  • Gamers can play solo or in a group for standing a chance to win this challenge. 
  • Other challenges that are part of week 10 challenges are dance near pleasant park, eliminate five IO guards, etc. 

What are others saying about Deal Melee Damage Fortnite

The news related to season 5’s challenges taking place in the fifth week is the talk of the town. Many avid Fortnite players are discussing it online. Some of them are sharing tips and tricks to deal Melee damage. As it is not an easy challenge, players appear to be eager to get their gaming on point. 

On social media websites like Youtube, players are sharing tutorials to help other gamers have an idea about how to deal Melee damage. Others are informing newbies on how to use Melee weapons for maximum impact. 

Concluding remarks

The Deal Melee Damage Fortnite challenge info has leaked in the digital space. Gamers are honing their skills while others are exploring what all prizes they can win by completing these challenges. 

Do you play Fortnite challenges? Let us know the answer to the question and leave a comment in the comment box sharing your thoughts on today’s post. 

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