Dababy Sussy Among Us School (May) All Details Here!

Dababy Sussy Among Us School 2021 tv

Dababy Sussy Among Us School (May) All Details Here! >> In this post, you will know about a new exciting mod application for the popular game.

So, you are tired of playing normal social deduction Among Us game and searching for some spice in the game? In this post, we will talk about a new and exciting Among Us mod. 

You are probably aware of mod applications. Because Among Us has many mod applications other than this one. But this application is special because of its uniqueness, and it is already getting famous along with the Netherlands, the United States, and many other countries. Let us discuss more Dababy Sussy among Us School further in this post.

What is Dababy Imposter Mod Application?

This is the debut of Dababy or any rapper Among Us mods; this Mod lets you sabotage your crewmate in new hilarious ways. 

When a crew member is assigned as an imposter, the Imposter in this Mod looks like Dababy. The imposters get three new overpowered abilities -Nuke, Mine, and Convertible. 

The abilities have their different benefits, which makes it crewmates nearly impossible to win. This Dababy Sussy among Us School has made a serious social deduction game into a funny and unique game. 

Features of the abilities of Imposters in this MOD

As mentioned, every ability has its overpowered features, making it hard for a crewmate to win the game. Here are the key features of the abilities of the Imposters in this Mod:

  • Nuke – This ability will take the Imposter to the different view where Imposter can choose to drop a large effect weapon anywhere on Dababy Sussy among Us School basically into any crewmate or place, the Imposter wants. While dropping the weapon, it makes a sound of Let’s go (as Dababy makes on his rap songs).
  • Convertible – When this ability is active, Imposter can transform into a car, and the car has Dababy’s profile on its wheels. The Imposter can run over or kill any crewmate it wants driving this car on the map.
  • Mine– As the name shows, it allows the Imposter to place mines anywhere on the map to kill the crewmates. When the crewmates contact this mine, they will explode, and imposters do not cause any damage from the explosion.

Where to get Dababy Sussy among Us School?

Aeolic programmed this Mod to have fun with his friends, and currently, there is no such downloading resources for this Mod. But looking at this Mod’s popularity soon, the other gamers will come up with a more modified version of this Mod, and hopefully, that will be available to play for all of us.


Mods have always been the center of attention for Among Us gamers. But, like other mod applications, this one is also very special because this has given the game a humorous and different turn, making it almost impossible for crewmates to win. If you are one of the regular Among Us players.

Are you waiting for Dababy Sussy among Us School to be available on different resources? Please tell us in the comments section below. Also, please do share this post to inform others.

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