Cutch Wordle {June 2022} Is It A Word: Check Definition!

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Cutch Wordle has discussed the word Cutch in detail and provided hints and a list for solving the puzzle.

Have you solved your Wordle for the day, or are still struggling with it? It appears that the Wordle quiz team is raising the bar for players and making it difficult for them to crack it quickly. The last two puzzles challenged most players, and puzzle lovers in Australia and India are facing a similar situation while going for quiz number 376.

The search for the Cutch word has also increased in these countries, and most think it is the solution. Cutch Wordle has discussed this word and other details related to Wordle 376. 

Is Cutch Solution For 30th June Wordle?

Most players found the last three letters of the word in the first few attempts. As the third, fourth, and fifth tiles of the Wordle turned green, it became clear that T, C, and H are the last three-letter for today’s solution.

Some puzzle solvers attempted with words like WATCH and PATCH with great expectation, but Grey tile for the first two letters continued their search for answers. The players also tried CUTCH to get to the solution; the four last tiles turned green while the first remained grey. 

Is Cutch a Word?

In the last section, it became clear that CUTCH is not the solution for the 30th June puzzle. Wordle accepted this word, and players got one more hint in the form of U at second place. The Wordle software didn’t accept the term that is not a legit word, and the acceptance of Cutch made it clear this term is a word.

The players attempting Cutch’s word got their second, third, fourth, and fifth tile turned green, leaving a single letter to be found. Some players also wanted to know the Cutch Definition as it is not a common word used regularly. 

Cutch, as a noun, is a tannin extract derived from the bark of mangroves in the Pacific region. Kutch is also a synonym for the word Cutch and represents an area in the subcontinent. 

Wordle 376 Hints and Wordlist:

  • The word starts with the letter H. 
  • It has one vowel and three consonants.
  • One letter is repeated in this word.
  • It means a box or cage.

Word list to 30th June Wordle:-

  • Aitch, batch, hotch, match, patch
  • Kutch, Hutch, latch, ketch, kotch

Cutch Wordle Analysis of Puzzle 376:

The Wordle for the last three days has a higher difficulty level as players are taking around 4.3, 5, and 4.5 average attempts to solve it. It appears that Wordle is testing the skill set of players and increasing its bar. 

The Wordle 376 is trending as most people complain about the meaning of the word while others are stuck with too many options. Today’s word is placed at 24,563 ranks for the most frequently used word in the Word and Phrase info list. 

Final verdict:

It became clear that Cutch is not the solution for 30th June Wordle, but it is a legit word. Cutch Wordle has given the word’s meaning and provided hints and a word list for solving Wordle 376.

Are you attempting today’s Wordle? Players can share their thoughts on today’s puzzle difficulty in the comment section.

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