How Does Custom Apps Creation Change your Business?  

How Does Custom Apps Creation Change your Business

Creating a mobile application is an excellent opportunity to make yourself known and reach as many people as possible. However, you need to think carefully about the IOS app development service because this approach requires a real methodology in the construction of your project. Otherwise, you may miss your objectives or even fall into the limbo of forgotten applications. Such a situation is not your goal, that’s why just ask yourself the right questions, such as:

  • Do you really have the necessary skills to carry out this project?
  • Is your personal life in line with your professional goals?

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The process of concept development 

Since there are a huge number of mobile applications available for download, your application will have to stand out both in form and substance. It means you have to work on your idea, design it with as much care as an architect. As a result of this work, you will maximise your chances of creating a popular and well-referenced application. Play as your future users and test it. 

You can also differentiate yourself by your communication policy on social networks or by your way of demonstrating the usefulness of your application through scenarios. Imagine, work and free your desires. The main thing is that you must offer your customers an original, new and inspiring concept in order to stand out from the competition! 

Moreover, there are a lot of services which are ready to help you with app development, for example Perpet, they even can support you in the study of your project, experts are able to make a relevant and detailed diagnosis of your project. You will be able to design the strengths and weaknesses of your project!

How to start app development?

You now need to search for the best name for your application so that it is easily and quickly identifiable. This phase is essential because it participates in your SEO on stores such as the App Store or Google Play. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of achieving your objectives, take into account as many parameters as possible:

  • Choose the name followed by a very short description;
  • Develop a striking formula to describe the purpose of your application;
  • Check the availability of your application name;
  • Work the icon of your application so that it strengthens understanding intuitively.

Is a business plan important? 

At this stage, your project is taking shape. You are now assured of its true potential. However, don’t relax your efforts! 

Indeed, now, your banker must believe it almost as strongly as you do! Put all the chances on your side from the start. Your essential business plan for mobile application will offer you solid assets. This document will allow you to clearly and accurately present your entire project step by step. After reading it carefully, your banker will also be convinced of the feasibility and potential of your project. The numbers matter! You must speak to your banker in a language he understands. This business plan is therefore accompanied by essential financial tables:

  • The estimated income statement;
  • The forecast balance sheet;
  • The financing plan;
  • The cash budget.

Perhaps you will add other suitable indicators, if they are relevant. Based on these elements, your banker will accredit the strength of your project. He/she will give you confidence and financial support. To support you in this crucial phase, our team of experienced experts in support has developed a mobile application business plan model to consolidate your project.

All you need to know about administrative procedures 

The drafting of the articles of association is an important phase in the creation of your company. This legal act governs all the rules relating to the life of the company. In particular, it will define the modalities of decision-making, governance rules or the extent of the powers of leaders.

Proceed with the appointment of the manager. Whether the company has only one or more officers, the information about them must be included in the form. In addition, officers must sign their acceptance by signing the registered act preceded. 

Contact the CFE. The role of this organisation is to centralise the documents in the application file for registration to communicate them to other bodies such as INSEE, the Commercial Court Registry, tax services, labour inspectorate and many others.

Proceed to publish your legal notice. This formality is a mandatory step in setting up a company. It must contain a number of mandatory information that varies according to the legal form. However, some mentions are common, such as:

  • Registered company name;
  • Legal form;
  • Amount of share capital;
  • Address of the head office;
  • Social object;
  • Duration of the company;
  • Identity of leaders;
  • Identity of the RCS that registered the company.

Get your identification numbers as soon as your registration is active, you will receive a SIREN number that identifies the company; a SIRET number that identifies each establishment of the same company; an APE code that identifies the company’s industry.

Read the regulationsIf your application collects personal data and constitutes files of users, customers or prospects, you are obliged to make a simplified declaration to the CNIL. In addition, your application must comply with certain legal obligations:

  • Collect the consent of customers;
  • Inform customers of their right to access, modify and delete the information collected;
  • Ensure the security of information systems and data confidentiality;
  • Indicate a data retention period.

On the market that remains competitive and in which user expectations are high, create quality content and work on the user experience.

The cost: it varies according to your positioning, expectations, notoriety and means. In general, the cost of this type of technology is between 6,000 and 150,000 euros. However, it goes without saying that it is conditional on the complexity of your application.

The promotion: unless you enjoy great notoriety, it is impossible to rely exclusively on word of mouth to increase your chances of success. So, study all the possibilities available to you. You can focus your communication on paper advertising that will make your logo, name and contact details known. However, the best way to gain visibility is of course the Internet and mainly social networks as well as SEO strategies.

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