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Are you interested to read about the new token, Crypto Guards NFT? Read this post and know the worth of investing in this NFT.

Cryptocurrency is on a hike, as everyone investing makes money and leads a luxurious life. With the advancement of technology, numbers of new tokens have circulated in the market and invited all Brazil and other countries’ people to come and join the World of NFTs. 

If you are interested in investing in NFTs, check this new Crypto Guards NFT. It is a new collection of Non-fungible tokens kept on the blockchain. Read on for the in-depth details.

About Crypto Guards

Crypto Guards is a new platform that stores various artwork in its blockchain system. It will be hand-drawn NFTs and include a massive collection of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Every NFT art comes with exclusive traits, titles, and names. However, the project is coming soon in Brazil, so we have not much information about this NFT yet. 

However, while checking out its official website on the internet, it seems that Crypto Guards NFT will be a successful project, and every creator can benefit from this. For more information, you will need to stay updated with the content. 

Team of Crypto Guards

We found that website owners have not updated their content yet on checking its official website. But in the team section, we found three-person details with their creative profile picture. The team details are:

  • LARSZ- Marketing 
  • LUKAS- Social media
  • BETTINA- Artist

Moreover, the payment methods are Visa, Paypal, and MasterCard. Thus, one can buy creative NFTs easily through the website. 

Crypto Guards NFT collection

The Crypto Guards is a new project, so we have not much information about their collection. Regardless, on the basis of the official website, it includes a massive collection of crypto such as:

  • Koala
  • Penguin
  • Panda
  • Fox
  • Leopard
  • Sheep
  • Elephant
  • Pig
  • Owl
  • Octopus

You will find this animal in the creative mode under different categories. If you want to invest in any product, choose the category, then go with the payment method. However, the price of each product is up to 50 ADA. 

Current Crypto Guards Stats

  • Price- $0
  • Sold NFTs- $0
  • Owners- 143
  • Total Supply- 13

The story behind Crypto Guards

While reading details on the Crypto Guards NFT website, we found the game’s theme is based on four kingdoms that all desired the Crypta power. Crypta means magical arts that are filled with mind-blowing power. One needs to pass hurdles and fight with monsters to earn the power.  

However, you can read the entire story here  

The Bottom Line

Investing in cryptocurrency is always risky, as no one can predict the real value of a crypto token after 5-10 years. It can be worth buying or not. But, with the real growth of crypto, it seems you are about to make the right investment for your secure future. 

When it comes to Crypto Guards NFTwe suggest you wait and check its market value. Also, the project’s true details are still missing. Thus, it is good to choose an alternative as of now. 

What’s your opinion on this? Please comment below.

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