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This article on Critical Legends Wiki will guide you on the items and abilities and the critical strike chance of champions.

Are you a die-hard fan of League of Legends? League of Legends is one of the most played games in Thailand and the United States. People are crazy for this game. They spend most of their time playing games during this pandemic.

Critical Legends Wiki will guide you on the strikes available in the leagues of legends. If you are unaware of this, this article will guide you. This post is dedicated to all the fans of the League of legends. So, please stay connected with us.

What is the League of legends?

League of Legends is an online gaming place where people play in two different teams or in more to win a championship. It is an online multiplayer ground of battle developed in October 2009 by Riot Games. This game was free to play but is monetized by online buyable characters. 

This game will guide you on Critical Legends Trello, which will guide you on the strikes of this game. 

Critical Strike Chance

Critical Strike Chance is a possibility that estimates the basic Strike will strike critically. It is to be noted that this strike chance is not graded up naturally; rather, it is increased by the availability of the number of items and abilities. The major thing is that it could not get increased beyond 100%. It is the total capacity of this Strike. This strike chance got its gold value of around 40%. The possibility of this Strike changes synchronously depending upon the attempts made. 

More on Critical Legends Wiki

Do you know what exactly the critical Strike is? Let us discuss that initially. The critical Strike is nothing but a damaging effect that covers up to 175% of the normal damage. It has occurred on some of the items and abilities. It is almost available on all the basic attacks. The exception of this Strike includes Jhin, Fiora, and Master Yi. 

It is the most valuable Strike available to the champions who frequently deal with the basic attacks. Some champions, such as Ashe, naturally liked critical Strike. According to our research on Critical Legends Wiki, the critical Strike has a symbol that looks like a maple leaf and denotes a strike.

Further, we will briefly discuss the chances of the critical Strike on the champions depending upon their abilities.

Critical strike chances as per the champions.

There are multiple characters in the League of legends, and each champion possesses different abilities. Here in this section, we will discuss all these scaling. 

  • Quinn’s ability: Harrier
  • Lucian’s ability: The Culling
  • Akshan’s ability: Comeuppance
  • Ashe’s ability: Frost Shot
  • Caitlyn’s ability: Headshot
  • Jhin’s ability: Whisper
  • Tristana’s ability: Explosive charge
  • Viego’s ability: Blade of the Ruined King

Besides abilities, we also found the items’ list that we are sharing below: 

  • Rageknife
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Infinity Edge


Our research on Critical Legends Wiki, the League of legends and its strikes will help and guide gamers to know about the champions, their abilities and items, and the critical strike chance. You can use these characters only after knowing the abilities and items of each one of them. You can check more details on Critical Strike Chance on this page.   

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