Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews [Apr] Legit or Scam?

Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews

Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews [Apr] Legit or Scam? -> Want to know about the product from your favorite You Tuber? Read the website review below to get every detail.

Are you the one who loves to wear merchandise branded with your favorite game? Do you want to purchase apparel from atop your tuber gamer online store? A teen residing in the United Kingdom and the United States is a big fan of famous gaming you tuber Benjamin Dreyer, popularly known as Crainer in the online world.

People worldwide are targeting kids and teens with o branding the product with their favorite game. Dreyer has also tried to do the same by branding apparel with games; Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews will discuss the product sold on the site and its specification, pros, and cons.

So read this review till the end to know everything about Crainer online store.

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What is

An online store started by famous you tuber Benjamin Dreyer to cash in on his popularity among kids and teen segment of customer. The online game has become a craze among teens, and so the gaming your tuber.

This store is one year old and has moderate traffic on the website as per the domain data. The product sold on it is branded boat time hoodie and T-shirt. Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews found the idea of a pre-order sale to be quite exciting, and shipping for it will start from 23rd April.

Apparels and accessories are priced from $5 to $50 with no discount on them.


  • Name of website:
  • Product sold: apparels and accessories
  • Price range: $5 to $50
  • Age of website: 1 year
  • Service Email:
  • Shipping policy: 2-3 days for UPS and 8-17 days for Ascendia, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Refund policy: 30 days after the item is received.
  • Alexa ranking: 1,74,731
  • Physical address: EGAO store BV, Kristalweg 40 Herten, Limburg 6049 DA NL
  • Payment method: Credit and Debit cards


  • According to Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews, pricing of the product is done so that people from different income groups can buy an item of their choice.
  • Free shipping above a $150 purchase is an excellent incentive for add-on sales and will increase its top line.
  • A refund policy of 30 day period is enough for the customer to decide on product return.
  • Availability of service email and physical address of the site will help buyer solve their query and increase the company credibility.


  • Given the popularity of Dreyer, Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews found the Alexa ranking of the website to be relatively low.
  • The SKU sold on the site is down, and they should try to add some more SKU in a different category to increase the sale of the firm.
  • The product sold on the website is not for global sale and will deprive a lot of fans across the world of their favorite gaming you tuber.
  • Some customers may find a shipping time of 8-17 days to belong if they are using the Ascendia shipping service.

  Is Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews Legit?

Since this website is active for more than one year and Crainer himself is a brand ambassador for this store, there is no question regarding the legitimacy of this portal? Availability of physical addresses adds to the credibility of online stores and is a sign of a legit e-commerce portal.

In this case, the buyer, most of whom are teens, know their favorite star from their gaming platform and know the brand. There is also a lot of discussion around Crainer and his brand boat time on the digital platform.

His youtube platform allows him to generate a fan base and awareness about its brand in the customer’s mind.

What are Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews?

Since this brand has originated from social media like youtube, it has a significant presence on youtube and Instagram. Crainer has used social media to a great extent in creating awareness about boat time products.

He also uses it for the launch of any new product or uses it effectively for season sales.  There are not many customer reviews on the product description page of the company’s website, neither product review related to the boat time brand is seen on the digital platform.

Final verdict

Dreyer is trying to convert his social media followers into loyal customers for his product, but his success will depend on effectively implement his marketing plan. Crainer Boat Time Merch Reviews believes that it will require significant effort from Benjamin and his business team to convert a loyal fan base into potential boat time customers.

If you are a Crainer fan and have purchased his products, please share your experience in the comment section and write about the website review below.

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