Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 (Apr) Get Facts!

Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 (Apr) Get Facts! >> Are you facing the same error? This article is about an error that affects the game and the reason and solution behind it.

Are you having trouble while login into the Call of Duty Mobile? Are you here to find the reason? Well, don’t worry because, in this article, you will get all the information required to overcome this problem. We will tell you how you can fix Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

We know that you are eagerly waiting for this error to be fixed and play this game again in the United States and other countries with friends. So let’s find out about this error. 

What is the reason for this error?

When you install COD on your mobile, most of its settings will automatically be updated according to the device’s compatibility. Mostly, the default settings are useful to avoid problems and errors like Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 and others like it so that players from different countries like the United States, India, and many others played together on their device and enjoy the gameplay. 

But sometimes, the default settings are not always good. In some cases, many players started to experience problems in their games regarding authorization and many more because of the change in the game setting. The reason behind this authorization error is:

  • The login credentials are not correct. 
  • There is some server issue. 
  • Banned account 
  • Require to be updated 
  • Disturbance in the internet connection 

How can be fixed Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 error?

To fix this error, you need to follow some steps as it will help you resolve this problem once and for all and help you shortly. 

Check the internet network of your device. If your device’s internet connection is not stable or at a low speed, then there are chances that this error might pop up on your screen. The COD requires a stable and fast internet connection. 

Make sure that your username and password is right. If you are putting your ID correct, then close the game and restart it again so that all the bugs will be removed and you can enjoy the game. 

People reaction regarding the error

People are waiting for Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 to be fixed as soon as possible to be able to play this game again. Because of this error, they can’t log in to the game. The players are waiting for the official response from the team of COD mobile regarding the error. 

Though to fix this error, you can try the methods given above, and maybe you will be able to log in to the game and start playing it. Give it a try now.


We know the reason and methods to fix Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 in the mobile through all the information. After these methods, if you are still experiencing the same problem, you should contact customer service or wait for the official’s response. 

So if any of your friends overcome this error, then share us in the comment section.

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