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The below article depicts all the helpful information for guiding puzzle 367 answers with the details for Cloat Wordle.

Hello Wordle Players! Are you confused about wordle #367 answer? Are you looking to explore the details for your guessed word? Many players have guessed the word Cloat for the 21st June wordle answer. 

Therefore, worldwide players, especially from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and the United States, want to know their guessed word’s meaning and other details. So, let’s explore all the details for Cloat Wordle, and let’s know the correct answer as well for wordle #367!

Is Cloat a correct guess for 21st June wordle? 

No, Cloat is a rhyming word for the wordle 367, but not the correct answer. The correct answer for wordle 367 is GLOAT. Many players have got confused and guessed the starting letter incorrectly and rest all the letters are placed appropriately. Hence, the word became a rhyming guess for the correct answer word. 

Wordle always gives a major clue as to a definition or the meaning. So, let’s look at whether this word has any related meaning or not. Or, this time, wordle has not defined the word!

Know the Gloat & Cloat Definition

  • Meaning of Gloat – it is an act of showing pleasure when others fail arrogantly or to show pleasure at their own victory.
  • Meaning of Cloat – when a mass of liquid, especially of blood, stuck together.

Now, let’s find some more rhyming words that can be misguided for the wordle answer. 

Rhyming words for Gloat

  • Cloat
  • Bloat
  • Float
  • Blote
  • Sloat
  • Groat

Numerous words give a rhyming phrase to the wordle 21st June answer, but crucial ones have been shared in the above list. Hence we can say yes to the trending question: Is Cloat a Word!

Hints to guess wordle 367 correctly!

  • Clue 1: Today’s wordle word contains no repeated letters. 
  • Clue 2: There are 2 vowels used and are not repeated. 
  • Clue 3: The ending letter is T, and the starting letter is also a constant. 
  • Clue 4: Both the vowels are used between the word and consecutively.
  • Major Clue: This word is used by the people who have an extraordinary passion for their success. Also, find great pleasure in others’ misfortune or failure.

From the above hints and given a major clue, many worldwide gamers have successfully got the correct answers. 

Why is Cloat Wordle trending?

As the wordle word, Gloat is not a familiar word, but Cloat is a familiar word which is subsequently used by students in science. Hence, gamers are confused between these 2 rhyming words. Therefore, looking for the definitions and other details for their guessed answer. 

A Brief Summary

After our thorough study of this word, we can say that players guessed the wordle answer incorrectly as Cloat. The correct answer for 21st June is Gloat. Further, click here to check more details for wordle #367.

Have you also guessed the Cloat Wordle for the 21st June puzzle? Please comment with your guessed answer.

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