Clark County Assessor Tax Cap {June} Official Statement!

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This article describes an official notice sent to homeowners concerning the increase in property tax. Read all about the Clark County Assessor Tax Cap.

Are you confused by the tax cap declared for homeowners? Do you want to get detailed clarity on the matter? Then, keep reading this write-up as we explain all the necessary details related to the property tax issue.

Homeowners from the United States are shocked by the rise in the tax rate declared by the Clark County Assessor Tax Cap. Following the confusion and queries put forward by the owners, the official came forward with an updated notice. Let’s check about the notice and the contents mentioned.

About Clark County Property Tax

Homeowners of Clark County received postcards mentioning the rise in property tax by up to 8%. To avoid this tax Surg, the homeowners must officially declare their primary residence by Friday. 

Following the postcard reception, people gathered in groups at the Assessor’s Office of Clark County for further official information on taxation. Later, the Clark County Assessor posted an official tweet on Clark County Recorder to add more clarity.

What Does Official Statement Say?

  • Briana Johnson, the Assessor, added a notice on the official Clark County website for more clarity on the property tax.
  • The notices mention that the homeowners are provided with the facility to make corrections on the incorrect tax cap.
  • In addition, Johnson mentioned that the 8% tax mentioned in the message is not permanently fixed.
  • The persons officially declared with primary residential status get billed with a 3% tax cap.
  • The tax billing is based on that particular, fiscal year, and the homeowners can use Clark County’s website for further correction on tax caps.

Clark County Assessor Tax Cap Form

  • The homeowners need to save the Tax Cap form directly from Clark County’s website. The email id for the form submission is also provided on the website.
  • The form is available in the form of editable pdf format.
  • The homeowner must fill in real property parcel numbers, manufactured home account numbers, residential addresses, print names, and telephone numbers.
  • In addition to the basic details mentioned above, a section is dedicated to residential properties.
  • In the residential property section, the person needs to mention the nature of the property.

Homeowner’s Feedback 

  • Along with the postcards, homeowners also mentioned that they received text messages. Learn about the Clark County Parcel Search.
  • The messages mentioned an increase in tax between 3% and 8%.
  • Aaron Harmon, a homeowner, rushed to the county government center after receiving the message.
  • Steve Walther, another homeowner, responded that his phone call to the Clark County office gets rejected. Apart from that, Walther pointed out that Clark County’s official website is slow.


Clark County Nevada’s official tweet added more clarity for the confused homeowners regarding the property tax and its tax cap form. To know more official details related to this topic, kindly visit here. 

Do you have any queries on the statement from the Clark County Treasurer? Please comment below.

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