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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Chonados .com, a young search engine focusing on software technologies.

Are you interested in learning about different topics, tips and tricks for carrying out various tasks, and reading about the latest trends and news on various topics? Are you interested in computer technologies and software? Many search engines, excluding google, yahoo, and bing, will give hundreds of websites to visit to gain knowledge. 

One such search engine gaining popularity in Brazil is Let’s scrutinize the facts related to Chonados .com.

The legitimacy of

Chonados is closely related to the Portuguese language xonados, which means a room. The is a unique invented name with a unique url. was registered in the USA on 11th May 2022. It is one month and five days old website. has a short life expectancy as it expires within the next ten months and twenty-five days on 11th May 2023. uses a valid HTTPS connection. Its ip has a valid ssl certificate for the next 85 days. achieved an average trust score of 57%, but its Alexa ranking is undetermined. Hence, is possibly a scam.

Features of Chonados .com: did not mention its terms, aims, and mission. did not include an email and contact number for customer service. Furthermost, the identity and contact information of the chonados’ owner is hidden using internet censorship services from super privacy service ltd. did not include the physical address of its office premises. is not present on social media. Only two website reviews are available for, which also suggests that it is possibly a scam. No user reviews were present on customer review sites, youtube, and elsewhere on the internet. As is a new website, it was not updated since its creation on 11th May 2022.

Chonados .com services: has come up as a new search engine. By default, the home page of provides sponsored links for computer-related software and websites. However, when the user clicks the links, he is redirected to is a knowledge-based website that hosts several articles related to various topics. Irrespective of the search criteria, populated the home page of

Only a privacy policy was included on its pages. The privacy policy concerns Skenzo Ltd, a domain monetization service headquartered in Maharashtra, India. 

A domain monetization service provider helps the domain owners make money with advertisements and sponsored links on Chonados .com and other websites that are not in use (or) the domains that are available for sale in the feature.

Conclusion: is a young website which is serving as a search engine. However, irrespective of the words entered in the search section, takes the user to, a website providing information on the latest topics. Hence, it is anticipated that was launched as a parking website that may be sold in the future. Due to the average trust score, is possibly a scam.

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