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The post will tell you about Chelsea Lazkani Mother. Go through the article to learn about the new member of the Selling Sunset series.

Did you notice the new cast member of “Selling Sunset”? Chelsea Lazkani is a newcomer and made her experience in season 5 of the series. In March 2022, Chelsea announced that she had joined the cast of selling Sunset. On 22 April 2022, season 5 was released, and fans wondered about the newcomer.

People from various countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States want to know about Chelsea Lazkani Mother. So let’s discuss this in-depth.

Who is Chelsea’s mother?

Chelsea has a positive mindset and works ethic due to her hard-working parents. Her father is Segun Adefioye, and her mother is Elizabeth Adefioye. In 2022, Elizabeth worked at Emerson as chief people officer. She started her career in Medtronic International Europe as a Human resource manager.

Elizabeth worked at Medtronic for six years, and till April 2012, she became HR’s vice president at Novartis Consumer Health. In 2016, she joined ingredient incorporated and worked there for five years. After that, she joined Emerson. Chelsea Lazkani Mother was born in 1968. Her parents live together in St. Louis, Missouri.

Chelsea Lazkani in Selling Sunset

Jason, co-owner of Oppenheim Group, stated that it was an easy decision for her to choose Chelsea. Chelsea is a newcomer to Selling Sunset, the reality television series. Chelsea is 29 years old and is a British Nigerian woman.

She is an agent of Selling Sunset. She is married to Jeff, who works at Icon Media Direct as a managing partner. They have two children- Melia Man and Maddox Ali Lavon. Chelsea has a huge fan following on her Instagram and Twitter. She has around 49.6k followers on Instagram. 

More details on Chelsea Lazkani Mother

Chelsea was in the real estate industry in Los Angeles for around five years. She then joined the Oppenheim groups in July 2021. Her mother has been a massive inspiration to her. Chelsea is known for her tenacity, focus, and analytical prowess in the Real estate market of Los Angeles. She graduated from Dundee with a master’s in oil and gas economics.

Chelsea has made her appearance in Selling Sunset, an American reality series. The show was released on 21 March 2019. Selling Sunset has two spin-off shoes Selling the OC and Selling Tampa. The fifth season of Selling Sunset was released on 22 April 2022 on Netflix. The research on Chelsea Lazkani Mother, Chelsea’s boss, is pretty impressed with her. The cast finished shooting the fifth season in December 2021.


The article is about the mother of a new cast member in the Selling Sunset show. Chelsea Lazkani is a new member of the show. Her mother played a huge role in her life, inspiring her and making her what she is today. Chelsea is a real estate agent and recently joined the reality show. You can visit this link to know more about Chelsea Lazkani.

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